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CUSAT - 2008 Admissions — The Latest Trends
  • Cusat Admissions — The Latest Trends

    Bihar seems to be getting closer to Kerala thanks to the increasing number of students from the State joining for B.Tech. programmes offered by Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat). Of the 918 students who secured admission (as on August 13), 410 students were from Bihar.

    The number of students from Kerala who opted for an engineering programme in the university was 386. These and other interesting details emerged as the counselling process for admission to the undergraduate engineering programmes reached its final leg last week. Jharkhand was in third place in terms of the number of students who joined Cusat for the academic year 2007-08. As many as 66 students from Jharkhand got admission followed by 26 from Uttar Pradesh. The figures from other States: Rajasthan (11); Delhi (5); Madhya Pradesh (3); Uttar Pradesh (2); West Bengal (2); Assam (2); Haryana (2); Maharashtra (2); Orissa (1).

    The Naval Architecture and Ship Building course offered by the Department of Ship Technology seems to be growing in popularity every year. The seats (40) for the programme were filled on the first day of the counselling (August 5), indicating the scope of the opportunities available in the shipping industry. Growing demand from the IT industry has given a boost to the computer science engineering programme. On the second day of the counselling, all seats got filled. Of the 200 candidates invited for the process, only a very few students joined for various courses. Of the 400 students invited, 111 got admission.

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