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BITSAT querries
  • Pls tell some general things abt the exam like:

    Which books to use?
    What is the level of bits?
    And how prepare the best at the end??

    Also tell regarding the 25 questions which come besides PCM? How to perepare for them?
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  • BITSAT is an entrance test for getting admission into one of the campuses of the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology and Science(BITS-Pilani).BITS has campuses at Pilani,Goa and in Dubai.Starting this year BITS is also taking students into its newly established BITS Hyderabad Campus.Around 1,16,000 students are going to take BITSAT-2008 and only 2000(<2%) of them are going to be selected.

    BITSAT is the first complete online based admission procedure for any undergraduate course.These online tests are conducted at seventeen centers in India, during the months of May and June every year.
  • if bitsat qualify then it valid one year .b'coz i wrote bits this year i qualify but i can't join i will be join next year ? plz tell mee :D :idea:
  • No, I don't think you can carry over your (successful) scores and retake the admission next yr.
  • Yup...ur right priyanka,


    If you have cleared BITSAT 2008 then u can only take admission in 1st or 2nd sem of the 2008 session and NOT carry over your score and take the admission in the year 2009.

    More info:

    Best of Luck!!! :-)
  • how is biotech at bits pillani can anybody help me out please
  • hey prakhar,

    first things 1st:

    BITS Goa Campus, Hyderabad Campus or Pilani Campus DONT offer BE in Biotech.

    BITS Pilani and Goa offer M.E. Biotechnology. So, IF you have some serious interest in Biotech go for ME in BIOTECH but my friend, IF you want an honest opinion,

    You should do your BE from India and go for MS or PhD abroad, most porb. US because Indian research is not upto mark and NOT well funded as compared to the US colleges and Biotech is a kind of fields where u CANT proceed further without a MS min or at the best a PhD.

    So, the decision is yours..... My Final Say Is: GO FOR BE in Biotech in India and then go for MS or PhD abroad. Since you can't do ONLY BE from BITS Pilani. Its NOT recommended from my side. :|

    Thats what I would have done...again IT TOTALLY depends on you Prakhar :-)
  • the application status site shows that my application hasn't been received yet. What should i do??..
  • hey...dont worry about the application, they receive loads of applications from all around the country, it'll take some time to update the receive info. on their website.

    When did you dispatch the application and where do you live?

    If you have any queries, you should directly contact the admission office of BITS

    Admissions Office,
    BITS, Pilani - 333 031 (Rajasthan) India.

    Tel: 01596-242205
    Fax: 01596-244183

  • i had sent my application on the 25th of january. till when should i wait before i need to worry a lot??... or should i call them asap??
  • first things first, YOU NEVER NEED TO WORRY ALOT!

    Now coming to the point:

    Call them asap, one phone call is not going to harm you, will just cost you Rs 10 max.

    I think it should be updated with this week, i.e. by 6th Feb (fri) or 9th Feb (Mon)

    Dont worry, you will give the exam :-)

    Just contact them now and explain them you problem.

    If this does not solve your problem then get back to us :-)
  • thnx a ton for the response priyanka.... didnt have to do anything. the site now shows that my application has been recieved. phew.. :lol: .. thnx anyway!!! :D
  • yey!


    Best of luck with your BITSAT! :-)
  • hey i got 58 in pcm nd aggregate 80 %
    am i qualified for d exm

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