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Information On IISc, Banglore
  • Sir,
    Please can you tell me which rank in JEE is required to get in IISc, Banglore. Also can you put some light which institute will be apt for me. I want go for a research career in NANOTECH.

    Thanks in advance!
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  • IISc have no connection with ur IIT Jee performance. for IISc, they have M.Sc, Phd and Phd integrated program, which requires graduation with a good track record, written examination and personal interview.
    i've read an advertisement of IISc for undergraduate fellowship which requires top 20 rank in ur 12th board as eligibility criteria. u have to give an interview afterwards.
    if u r aiming for research institutes. then, in current time there are many new and good research institutes like in maths ISI, CMI. for physics, maths, chemistry or bio: IISER pune kolkata or niscer bhuvaneswar. these all gives good stipend.
  • yup...IISc has no affiliation with IIT - JEE...

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