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  • This post is meant for all the aspirants who’d like to know more about the MSc. Courses at BITS Pilani(Pilani , Goa , Hyderabad Campuses) and the Dual Degree Scheme .

    Q.1)What are these MSc. Courses?

    A.1)MSc. Courses are Science-based courses , similar to that offerred in other Institutions.

    In BITS they are of 2 types :

    1)MSc.(Hons) in P , C , M ,Eco ,Bio
    2)MSc.(Tech) in Information Systems , Finance , Gen. Stu

    Q.2)What is this Dual Degree Scheme?

    A.2) All MSc. (Hons) (and not Tech) will get an assured BE Degree , alloted to them at the end of the 1st year , based on their CGPA for 1st year.

    Q.3)Is it tough to get a good dual?

    A.3) Not at all.For a CS or EEE , you need an above average CGPA , while Mech./Chem/Civil can be got at lower CGPAs too.But you will get some BE Dual assured .

    Q.4)So what Degrees do I pass out with?

    A.4)You get a BE and an Integrated Msc and you spend 5 years.Integ MSc. basically is BSc + MSc combined ,and it can be done by a 12th pass student.Time duration for it is 4 yrs(without a Dual).

    Q.5)So , you basically waste another year?

    A.5)Thats a bad way of saying it.

    You get another degree from BITS , and you get 2 Practice Schools(i.e. 1 year).So basically you spend that extra year working.This is imp for PS2 Placements(Check my Practice School Post)

    And that MSc. does help when applying abroad.

    Q.6)Then why are the cutoffs low?

    A.6)Because most people are uninformed and don’t have a clue about the Dual Degree Scheme.But then again , no other insti in India offers this , so such flexibilities are rare in India.

    I think aspirants and their advisors(parents , friends etc.) are to be blamed for this.THERE IS NO “SHAME” INVOLVED IN TAKING AN MSc. AND A B.E. DUAL .THOSE WHO THINK THIS WAY ARE FOOLS.

    Q.7)Do you get separate Degrees?

    A.7)Yes , they are absolutely separate.

    Q.8)What other such schemes are there at BITS?

    A.8)Based on your 1st Year CGPA ,

    1)Vertical Transfers:If you are in the Top 30 students in any of the Campuses , you can leave your old course(MSc. or BE) and take a new course(MSc. or BE).Time taken = 4 years

    2)BE + BE: Offerred to only Top 10 students in each campus.Pref choices incl. Mech + EnI , CS + EEE.Time = 5yrs , 2PS2s

    3)MSc. + MSc.:Offerred at lower CGPAs.Very rare.Preferred incl. MSc.Phy + MSc.Maths(5yrs)

    4)MSc.(Tech) + BE Dual :rare , offerred to only very high CGPA people.(5yrs)

    Based on BITSAT Marks and vacancies

    1)Campus Transfers:Very rare , not advisable to join a campus thinking you can get out later.Basically it happens at the end of 1st sem.Your BITSAT marks only matter. Along with 2nd sem admission ppl , all BITSAT Marks are arranged in descending order and seats(based on vacancies , usually in Chemical and Bio Sci , Pharma) are alloted.

    Q.9)Isn’t this tough?

    A.9) NOT AT ALL.

    Remember that for 1st year ALL students in BITS do exactly the same courses , so getting a Dual through MSc. Chem is same as for MSc. Phy .

    2nd year , most courses are the same .

    3rd year , BE students will do their Core Courses for their BE Degree.MSc ppl will do for their MSc.

    4th yr , BE Students will go for PS2(1 sem) and will do a few extra courses in the other sem(Very light sem).MSc. ppl will do their Dual Degree Core Courses.

    5th yr BE students will have passed out.MSc. students will now go for PS2 for 2 sems.

    Q.10)Which MSc + BE Combos are the best?(Like MSc. Phy + EEE , MSc Chem + Chemical ... )

    A.10) NONE OF THEM!

    Choose your MSc. depending on the subject you like the most and/or you are good at.In my Myths abt Engg post I have discussed why.

    And there is a trend for ppl to choose MSc. Phy much above Msc. Bio Sci.Frankly this is silly.MSc. Bio Sci is basically Bio Engg and is quite interesting.Many students from other MScs tried for an MSc Bio(at the end of their 1st yr) , out of which very few were given.So , don’t fall into the trap of choosing Phy because it sounds glamourous. In reality it is very tough and only those genuinely excellent at it will enjoy it.

    And don’t bother about Placements.Your BE degree will ensure this.Choose your MSc. out of ineterest.MSc. will help you greatly in applying abroad(assuming you have actually done something worthwhile in your MSc. field).

    Q.11)How is MSc. at BITS differrent from that in the IITs?


    -No Dual Degree is given in the IITs
    -In IITs it is for 5 years
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  • greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat work!!!
  • Q.11)How is MSc. at BITS differrent from that in the IITs?


    -No Dual Degree is given in the IITs
    -In IITs it is for 5 years

    i thought IITs give dual degree?!? u sure about that??

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