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BITS Pilani Vs. BITS Goa Vs. BITS Hyderabad
  • this is an attempt to finally end all comparisons between the 3 campuses
    See bits pilani is an institution .. with a 40 year old history and several other factors
    BITS Pilani can be said to be the sixth best college in india.. after the original 5 IIT's..
    for any rank below 2500 JEE you should think about joining BITS (provided of course you have got a reasonable score)
    Most importantly.. there can be NO comparison between BITS,pilani and goa..
    pilani is the original institution and is renowned over the world.. its also got a rich campus culture nurtured over 40 years.. in comparison goa not only pales but is reduced to a joke..
    Pilani offers you million times more oppurtunites and experiences which are unique to a campus located in the desert in the middle of nowhere..
    FOR all the talk in this site abt goa being same as pilani.. i've got a simple poser.. how is it that cutoffs are sooo different ?? people still prefer the "old" college to the new " swanky" one as it is claimed to be in goa !
    FRESHERS remember .. this site is run and maintained by BITS,Goa students..
    there is OBVIOUSLY a lot of bias.. it is up to you to see through this bias.. infact in Pilani campus.. this website is treated as some PR trick by Goa students.. i'm sorry if i sound harsh.. but the truth is never sweet...
    Hyderabad.. plenty plenty of potential .. but then again its the first year of its operation...
    nothing but good things are going to happen at Hyd. but it will take time.. ATLEAST SEVEN-EIGHT YEARS...
    optimally.. ur choice of coll shud be like
    IIT>BITS,Pilani>NUS/NTU>NIT(Trichy , Surathkal ONLY)> (take ur pick of the other 2 bits campuses)
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  • not so sure about that information...anywayz..atleast u tired to the answer the age old question!!! :-)
  • same here...i woudnt agree with all the points........still itsa nice attempt!!
  • i think she's right............
    BITS PILANI is the best!!

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