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Is Reservation Justified?
  • The Subject explains it all.....What do u think about the New Reservation System For OBCs??

    your comments please.. :?:
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  • I just wanna share this link!!!!

    You'll get what i think after viewing this video!!!

  • hey alex!! that was really hilarious!!! nice find!! ;-)
  • Reservation Quota: well its the scum of India founded by Mr Mandal's "Mandal commission" and continued by The Great Mr. Arjun Singh

    I just hate the dirty politics of India!!!
  • i totally agree with priyanka!!! its not helping India in anyway!!
  • To have reservation or to not have
    This is a never ending debate, beacause the other side has different motives.

    What we got after having reservation for the last 56 years. We got nothing. The society more or less is the same.

    Now there are two classes among SC/ST, the elite SC/ST and the down torn SC/ST. Since in a family a person can take advantage of reservation more than a single time, Son of a father (who have taken this benefit) also eligible to take the benefit so this heinous cycle continues and the drift between (elite SC/ST and down torn SC/ST ) will go on increasing.

    Now this will replicate in case of OBCs as well. And we will have various classes among OBCs.

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