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information about MHT-CET 2008
  • i have secured 94 marks in MHT-CET 2008. I would like to know the list of colleges that i might get through.
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  • hey adrija!

    If u asked, what is a good mark to get into some good college like VJIT with a good branch then i would have told u anything above 180 is good.

    Some of the people who have got through easily MHT - CET have secured 150+

    and by the way...If ur trying for some good colleges in nargpur or pune then AIEEE ranks also count i guess....!!

    there is also the management quota in colleges like RAMTEK, AMRAWATI, PRIYADARSHANI which also have some decent placements.

    Whats ur rank in MHT-CET and AIEEE??!!
  • @adrija

    I have looked up for some info on Mumbai Univ.'s admission through AIEEE.

    AIEEE : Cut−offs 2006
    Information about Engineering Colleges affiliated to Mumbai University
    (including Grades, Minority Status, Fees, Courses offered and Cut-offs)

    But thus years cutoff cant be the info can only be used for estimation. :-)

    which can be found here:

    see more here:


    every body knows about the Management quota dont need to state that here...:-|
  • there are many colleges. You can get into the best collegs with your mark. all the best

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