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What will be the pattern of the AIEEE 2009?
  • whats will be the exact patter on the AIEEE 2009?!
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  • well...the exact patter for AIEEE 2009 is not out yet but here is the patter for AIEEE 2008

    Entrance examination would consist of two papers i.e.

    Paper 1 consisting of three parts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of equal weightage with objective type questions for BE/B.Tech courses and

    Paper 2 consisting of Mathematics,Aptitude Test and Drawing for B. Architecture and B. Planning. The Aptitude Test is designed to evaluate candidate’s perception, imagination, observation, creativity and architectural awareness.


    Paper 1 Physics,Chemistry & Mathematics Objective type questions with equal weightage to Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

    Paper 2 Mathematics-Part I
    Aptitude Test-Part II &
    Drawing test-Part III Objective type Question
    Objective Type Question
    Two questions to test drawing aptitude


    B.E/B.TECH : Paper – 1

    B.ARCH/B.PLANNING : Paper - 2

    I think it'll be the same next yr...
  • yes there is a rumour...but people say that it'll be the same next year.

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