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GURU MANTRAS for Periodic Table
  • Group 1-
    Read as- Hi Leena Ki Ruby Saas France mai
    Elements- H Li K Rb Cs Fr

    Group 2-
    Read as- Beta maange car scooter baap raaaji
    Elements-Be Mg Ca Sr Ba Ra

    Group 13-
    Read as- Baal gain tel(oil)
    Elements-B Al Ga In Tl
    Group 15-
    Read as- Nana Patekar Asrani Sab bhikhari
    Elements-N P As Sb Bi

    Group 16-
    Read as- Usse Teepo
    Elements-Os S Se Te Po

    Group 17-
    Read as- Foote kulharh baraat aayi Eta
    Elements- F Cl Br I At

    Group 18-
    Read as- Hey Ney Ar Kar Xenon Radon
    Elements- He Ne Ar Kr Xe Rn

    Period 2-
    Read as- Li Be Bak Nauf
    Elements- Li Be B C N O F

    Period 3-
    Read as- Naamag Aalsi Pascal
    Elements- Na Mg Al Si P S Cl

    Atomic no. 17-34
    Cilca Secti(rhymes with Shilpa Shetty) V.C.R. man fee coni cuzan gagee assee
    Cl Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se

    D-block-second row(Z=39 to 48)
    Yeh Zar Nabmo Tak ru reh Padag Cad
    Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd

    D-block-third row(Z=57 to 80)
    Laa Hafta Warna reh us Irpatayu hag
    La Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg

    Hey guys this is ur whole periodic table(except f-block). Isse shayad aapko compounds atomic no se yaad na ho but after learning these GURU MANTRAS you will be able to draw whole periodic table anywhere within 2-2.5 min.

    Don't think ki ab yeh sentences bhi ratne padenge. What you have to do is just read these sentences aloud and look at ur periodic table and analyse how they rhyme with the elements of the table. Repeat just for 2-3 days and periodic table is on ur finger tips. And in any exam, like boards etc you can draw ur own periodic table on question paper within 2-2.5 min and this will help you very much in chapters in which you have to compare elements on the basis of their relative position in periodic table.
    It has helped me a lot, so socha thodi help aa logon ki bhi kar doon.
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  • dude....tht was a great way to remember these "DIRTY" element names!!! Now i can also try 2 cum up wid some of my own "LINGOS"
  • that was funny and very very very helpful!!!
  • hey thanks ankita!! ;-)

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