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Is work done by a system a state function or not??
  • Is work done by a system a state function or not??

    U know the answer??!
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  • work done is a path function not a state func.

    when you plot two pts on P-V graph..(same p-V i.e. the same state)

    now draw the curves to join them ...the area under the graph is different..rite?! ....diffrent many times. ??

    SO there u have ur answer!
  • Though the que has already been answered..but i would like to make ur basics more clear...

    Look what is state function? as name suggests something which depends on state...

    now what is state...

    In the macroscopic approach to thermodynamics, we describe the state of a system using

    such variables as pressure, volume, temperature, and internal energy.

    A second category of variables in situations involving energy is transfer variables.

    These variables are zero unless a process occurs in which energy is transferred across

    the boundary of the system. Because a transfer of energy across the boundary represents

    a change in the system, transfer variables are not associated with a given state of

    the system, but with a change in the state of the system.State variables are characteristic

    of a system in thermal equilibrium. Transfer variables are characteristic of a process in

    which energy is transferred between a system and its environment.

    Now work done depends on the process by which gas in taken..hence its not a state variable but a trasnfer variable..the explanation as given by some student is also correct, but wd is calculated by area under bounded area bounded between two points and X axis can have infinite its not a state function..

    Enjoy people!! :-)

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