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  • integrate
    w.r.t x
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  • substitute cosx^2 = (1+cos2x)/2

    u will get :

    2I = ∫ dx- ∫a^x/1+a^x dx + ∫ cos2x/1+a^x dx

    Integrate seperately

    For : ∫a^x/1+a^x dx

    substitute : 1+a^x = y
    and use d/dx (1+a^x) = a^x lna

    For : ∫ cos2x/1+a^x dx

    Use integration by parts twice . You should get the solution

    Do post if you find the suggestions useful or if u face any problems solving it .... Keep Posting
  • hmmm....interesting....but im confused!! hehehe...

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