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Determine TITRE VALUE without having to perform titration.
  • Can you guys help in the topic. I want to tell you a story. I go to study chemistry at my Chemistry Mam's house, who is also my school chemistry teacher. Once I have asked him a question and that is the same I am asking you. I asked her, " Can I somehow makeout the TITRE value without having to perform the titration for three times to get the result ?". By this question my mam was shocked and forbade me to ask the question again. So I would like to ask you. Can you help?

    I will try to post the question as an example. Anyway the question is the same as that you get in a typical ISC question paper.
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  • But that doesnt make any sense....why would u titre a value without titration, thats not an optimization in my opinion. :-) 8)
  • I guess .. you are missing the point .. We perform the titrations to find the concentration of an unknown solution with the help of a solution of known concentration.

    We perform it thrice to get a more accurate result !!!

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