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What does this mean????????????
  • x^2 = x+x+x+x+x..................(x times)

    differentiating with respect to x

    2x = 1+1+1+1+1+.............(x times)
    2x = x

    but the first statement holds true for all values of x, so what does this mean? pls explain in terms of 11th class maths
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  • Hi Anajus ,

    Wow ... I must say , a very interesting question !!!

    Lets find faults in the very first statement :

    x^2 = x+x+x+x+x..................(x times)

    This is not valid if x is negative ( How do you define -2 times)
    Also not valid if x is not an integer .. ( say 4.5 times)
    This expression is only valid for positive integers... and at no other place.

    On the other hand x^2 is a continuous function.

    So the equivalence of the LHS and RHS is not valid....
    and thus the problem while differentiating...

    Does that answer you question ???
  • :idea: thanx a lot, that was something i didnt notice!
  • glad to help ... take care of basics when dealing with integration and differentiation !!

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