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physical chemistry - henry's law doubt: NCERT Question
  • Given that the: solubility of H2S in water at STP is 0.195m,

    Now, Calculate henry's law constant

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  • hey saurabh ... i guess you will need the data for the partial pressure of H2S at STP to get the answer ..

    Henry constant , theoretically, is a measure of how much the gas will dissolve in a liquid and is determined by the equilibrium between the undissolved gas and the gas that has dissolved in the liquid ..!!!

    There should be an appendix in the book stating the partial pressures at STP...

    Do tell me if this helps ... else we can try further ..
  • hey...what about this answer!?! I tried to slove it my self..

    no of moles of 1kg water=1000/18 = 5.5moles
    molefraction of H2S in sln= 0.195/0.195+55.55 = 0.0035
    at stp ,pressure= 0.98 bar
    k=0.98/0.035 = 282 bar
  • Hi .. .Saurabh .. good solution ...

    i think this is the best way to solve such a problem ...

    Good Luck !!

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