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what books shall i follow for SAT 1&2,IITJEE,AIEEE?
  • What books shall i follow for the SAT subject tests + SAT reasoning tests?
    howmuch sat score is neede to get into astrophysics , astronomy , cosmology , theoriticalphysics etc in universities like MIN , PRICETON CAMBRIDGE, YALE etc.

    Also suggest books for IIT JEE (Specially Chemistry)

    EXAMS in order of importance to me ....
    SAT1 &2

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  • @SAT

    some of the good SAT books are:

    The Official SAT Study Guide - The College Board
    Cracking the SAT Math 1 and 2 Subject - Princeton Review
    Kaplan SAT Subject Test - Kaplan

    For practice: 11 Practice Tests for the SAT and PSAT, 2007 (College Test Prep) by Princeton Review

    I gave SAT in 2004, its a very simple exam, just time management is important. Practice SAT exam within the given time frame, that will help you the most!
  • @Admission in MIT, Princeton etc

    Given the SAT and getting an admit in these colleges are a different ball game all together.

    "SAT scores are just one of many criteria used by colleges to make admissions decisions. Nevertheless, their importance shouldn’t be underestimated. As much as admissions officers say they take an open-minded and holistic approach to their decisions, SAT scores can make or break an application."


    Go to the above mentioned article and read tIT, it has some good info about Undergraduate admission for US.

    Admissions in US also depend on what kind of *MONEY* are you willing to spend, education is very expensive in US though Indians managed to get decent scholarships for UG courses due to their good SAT scores and good 12th Boards %.

    But I would just to stress on the fact that, MONEY is a limiting factor for Indians IF they dont get the scholarship for UG studies. An UG engineering degree in MIT WITHOUT scholarship can cost you around $36,140/year, i.e. $36,140 X 4 = $144560
    = Around 72 Lacs @ Rs 50/$ (TUTION FEE ONLY)


    And that my friend is A LOT!!!!

    But dont be disheartned my friend, just give your best shot at the GRE and concentrate at your 12th Board exams and when you apply for US Colleges, just look out for a college offering decent scholarship!!!

    I tried to encapsulate as many things as possible, but the information is not enough, revert back to me if you have more queries.

    For SAT practice this is a really good site:
  • i believe following link on SAT score will be help full
    average sat scores

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