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AIEEE B.Arch sample questions
  • 1 the winter sun in northern hemishspere rises frm
    a north east
    b east
    c south east
    d- north ------------------------ans ---c

    2 which is de latest addition to the list of building material
    a tor steel
    c- cement
    d- cast iron------------------ans ?\

    3 qutb minar made up of
    a brick
    b- marble
    c red sand stone
    d granite------------------ans c

    4 cement is a mixture of
    cement ,sand,aggregrate
    b water ,cement ,sand
    c- water agrgrate
    d all

    5 which of the following is de city of lake
    a jodhpur
    b udiapur
    c jaiselmer
    d jaipur

    6 red square is in
    a new york
    b san fransisco
    c moscow
    d paris

    7 the famous tomb of of salim chisti is in
    a agra
    b burapur
    c pawamani
    d fatehpur sikiri

    8 palace of winds is in
    a jaipur
    b gwaloir
    c mount abu
    d hyderabad

    9 effiel tower is in
    all know its in paris

    10 victoria memorial is in
    b chennai
    c mumbai
    d kanpur

    11 point out dde in correct combination
    a agora & greece
    b pyramid & congo
    c vat & combodia
    d pagoda & burma

    12 warm colors appear closer & cool one's further away wat r generaaly warm & cool colors
    a w--- pinks,purple,reds
    b-w---reds ,oranges ,yellows
    c-w----abv two r correct
    d- none of these

    13 colors emmited by fluorescent bulb is
    a blue
    b green
    c purple
    d white

    14 looking mirrors is
    a transparent &glossy
    b opaque, & matt
    c reflective & glosy
    d translucent & matt

    15 the city of bhubaneswar was designed by
    a le corbuiser
    b chales correa
    c koneingberger
    d louis khan

    16 indicate de award conneted wid architecture
    a oscar
    b grammy
    c noble luareate
    d agha khan

    17 amongst the following who is n architect
    a amrita sher gill
    b m f husian
    c raj rewal
    d salman rushdie

    18 shahjanabad is in
    a old delhi
    b bhubneshwar
    c jaipur
    d lucknow

    19 among the following who r de two renowed indian architect
    a b v doshi & yusuf khan
    b bv doshi & charles correa
    c mf hussian & bv doshi
    d chrles correa & m f hussian

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