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Myths about BITSAT question paper pattern and some other dou
  • * Is it true that the questions are easy at the start of BITSAT and tougher later on - No they are not - It is just a myth

    This is how your friends who have BITSAT date ahead of you try to fool you.If the above statement were true why is it that most people who score 350+ have written their exam at the end of May or beginning of June.

    Let us see how BITSAT question paper is generated

    1. There is a huge question bank of questions
    2. Questions are rated as easy,moderate and tough( we don't know how this rating is done)
    3. Every question paper has almost equal number of easy questions,moderate questions and tough questions
    4. For every few days(say 7 days) they use a part of the question bank which has equal number of easy,moderate and tough questions
    5. After these few days(say 7 days) they remove this part of question bank and go with another part.
    6. So at any point of time your question paper has equal number of easy,tough and moderate questions so the whole thing about BITSAT easy initially and tough later is a myth

    * Can't we share the questions after we write BITSAT

    Technically you can but what is the point of sharing the questions?

    1. By sharing the questions you are helping your friends but at the same time reducing your's and some other genuine hard workers chance of getting selected into BITS
    2. The part of question bank from which questions are shared is removed periodically(check the above post) so even if you share the questions they will be useless to people after few days
    3. GMAT ( MBA entrance examination) had similar issues...One of the websites had actually allowed it's member s to post the questions they faced....GMAT authorities had taken strict action...they guy who setup the website was put in jail and all those who shared the questions their registration cancelled - Is any site willing to risk itself when you know it is of no use
    4. Most importantly - the Question bank is is like and endless pool of questions - Even if you share questions the probability of you coming across exactly same question is almost zero- instead if you share the idea behind the questions - what kind of questions are given - what topics to concentrate on and other stuff it will be helpful
    5. I was the first batch to write BITSAT .... I had a keen interest in this posting of questions stuff...which I realised later that it will not be helpful at all
    6. A person instead of checking for the exact questions can spend his time solving BITSAT model papers close to BITSAT

    * Is equal weightage given to all topics

    1. The answer is a strict no...the questions are taken randomly only based on their toughness level...your paper may contain all 40 questions from a particular topic ( but it is not possible theoretically)
    2. But generally people get equal number of question from all topics

    * Why do you always insist on completing the syllabus :)

    1. As I have said in previous myth that your question paper contains equal number of easy,moderate and tough questions
    2. Say a guy has studied only Physical and Organic Chemistry and has not studied any section in Inorganic Chemistry - if his paper has the toughest question from Both Physical and Organic Chemistry but the easiest from Inorganic he is at complete loss
    3. You cant solve the tough problems so you loose marks - you dont know the exact level of Inorganic topics because you have not studied Inorganic
    4. So it is a must you complete your syllabus for BITSAT :)

    Source: Bits exam
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