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Kindly help in Regisitering for AIEEE-09 CAP rounds.
  • Hello all

    I got a score of 73 in the AIEEE-09 exam. My AIR is 1,55,000 and Maharashtra state rank is 11,850 under the GENERAL category. As you can see I was unable to register for the "Online Counseling" sessions on the AIEEE website as the minimum marks required to do so was 100. So my doubt is that how do I proceed to apply to colleges through the CAP round? I do know that it is possible because according to the website:

    students who scored 28 in the AIEEE-08 exams were also allotted admission to certain colleges through the CAP III round. So can you please tell me how do I register for the CAP rounds?

    Additionally, I did the IB Diploma program from Dhirubhai Ambani International School and since my board exams got over last week, I was unable to register for the MHT-CET exam. Also, I could not give any other exam, not even BITSAT.

    So please help me out on how to get admission through the CAP rounds. Please help me out as I am under a lot of tension regarding my college admissions.

    Please help.

    Thank you.
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  • As per the MHT-CET 2009 site:

    No information has been put for the year 2009 admissions. Just keep checking the above site and when the registration opens for CAP-I (2009), register for it! :-)

    You might get an admit in CAP-II or CAP-III, but not in CAP-I.

    You can have more info on the DTE chat here:

  • Here is the application procedure for the year, 2008. So, keep checking the 2009 site.


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