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iit jee prep
  • i m in class xii.i wanna prep for iit
    i know i hav left with me just hardly a year for its prep
    can anyone suggest me just how to do it?

    how to arrange the time table?

    wht 2 study whn?

    plssssssssssss help!!! :roll:
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  • HEY anyone pls help :roll: :roll:
  • is anyone present on yhis block?
    :?: :?:
  • Its better that you quickly assess you level of preparation for competitive examinations in general. Consider this :-

    1. If you are strong rooted in you XI std concepts go on to solve some good questions like FIIT-JEE , Bansal Classes , Brilliant ,Irodov , Solomons etc (Though on a personal note i would like to say that the relative usefulness of these study material differs from Subject-to-Subject and sometimes even from chapter to chapter , don't worry .. KB mei sab mil jayega)
    2. If you feel that your XI std concepts are a bit shaky , then start of from building them from ground up. HC Verma and Resnick Halliday Walker go very well together for physics theory. NCERT book is more than enough for inorganic chemistry.Organic can be selectively studied from Solomons n Fryhle or Morrison n Boyd. Peter Skyes for reaction mechanisms. You may want to ask some1 else for Mathematics but Arihant Problems + FIITJEE RSM/GMP is more than enough

    Happy Studyin !!! :)
  • also refer to some nice study tips and tricks given on this site!!! :D :D

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