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difference b/w CBSE and IITJEE....
  • The IIT-JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is one of the toughest competitive exams in the world. Every year more than 1,75,000 students appear in IIT-JEE, but only 3,500 are selected for admissions to the IITs. Students from Bihar have always excelled in IIT-JEE, despite heavy odds. The educational institutions are in a shambles. Dearth of good teachers, empty libraries, lack of competitive atmosphere add to their woes.

    In such trying times, a seminar for IIT aspirants draws a large number of students.

    "One can slog more than 14 hours daily, but remember, IIT-JEE is very different from CBSE exams. You can come out with flying colours in CBSE exams by mugging up the text books, but it will come to a naught in IIT-JEE. The questions are real brain-teasers, so sharpen your grey cells," said Deepak Mukherjee, advisor, Pie Education.

    Experts gave valuable tips to the IIT aspirants at the seminar here on Saturday.

    They taught students how to tackle the questions, which questions should be answered first and which one should be tackled last. Deepak Kumar, who teaches chemistry at Pie Education, advised the students to concentrate on each part of the subject.

    "If you think, you can sail through the exam by answering all organic chemistry questions and ignore physical and inorganic portions, then you are mistaken. Take care of all of them," he said and added equal time should be given to physics and maths also."

    In case, you are weak on a particular subject, concentrate more on it," he said. He suggested that students should start answering questions from inorganic chemistry first, because they are less time-consuming.

    "Physical chemistry questions should be tackled last because they need a lot of calculation," he added. Experts advised students to develop concentration. In the video-clipping shown at the seminar, expert Anu Singh Lather said a little bit of strees helps one to emerge successful in the JEE.

    She told students to do respiratory exercises, drink lots of water and avoid stimulants.

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  • Its abit challenging but lets wait for the upcoming results just to be sure

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