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  • Sir, I have secured 337 in bitsat 2008 and opted for Electronics and communication Engineering at Hyderabad. Subsequently,I was selected and paid the initial fee also. Now after visiting this forum I regret for not opting Pilani. At this stage can I change my preferenc?
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  • I was told that bits is trying to shift its focus to Hyderabad because of Pilani's disadvantage of its location and climate. Is this true?
  • madan i think get in touch with the Admission office of the BITS Pilani and ask them wether its possible for a transfer or not.

    and BITS Pilani >>>>>>>> BITS HYD

    Pilani is ANY GIVEN DAY BETTER THAN HYD + its the home of the Birla's so i dont think they'll shift their focus from BITS Pilani.

    any other questions??

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