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CAT for IIT-JEE and AIEEE Students
  • A2ZExam brings for the first time in India , something which has never been provided to the students who are preparing for IIT-JEE and AIEE , Computerized adaptive testing (CAT)-a form of computer-based test that adapts to the examinee's ability level.
    This test is different from the traditional “paper-pencil” test as in this if an examinee performs well on an item of intermediate difficulty, he will then be presented with a more difficult question. Or, if he performed poorly, he would be presented with a simpler question.

    Benefits of Computerized Adaptive Testing-

     Immediate Scoring and Feedback.
     Unbiased Scoring.
     Accurate Scoring.
     Increased Efficiency.
     Convenient Individualized Administration.
     Improved Test Security.
     New Question Types
     Improved Performance-Based Testing
     Reduction in Answering Errors
     Unobtrusively Pretesting Items
     Enhanced Motivation
     Less Expensive

    A2ZExam is providing a platform to its students where a student will get a diagnostic assessment of his current skills and weaknesses with the help of Adaptive Testing.

    A2ZExam provides an in-depth report of a student indicating :-

     strengths and weaknesses of a student
     comparative analysis of a student
     subject wise analysis of a student
     skill wise analysis of a student

    The report will contain the following sections:-

     A statement of the student’s raw score (actual marks obtained by the student) and percentile (the student’s position against the total number of students in the region).
     A table containing the correct answers and the answers marked by the student.
     Position of the student ,i.e, whether he/she lies in Safe zone , Normal zone or Danzer zone.
     A comparison of the student’s performance in each of the skill areas assessed with performance of all the students who participated in that test.
     A table analyzing the student’s performance on each of the assessment questions , arranged on the basis of question type.

    A2ZExam is an excellent parameter for judging whether a student has actually grasped the concept and is able to apply them.
    So log on to and come out with flying colors.
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  • All the IIT JEE question are all based in the link mentioned

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