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First and Last Steps...
  • Ok. My question is about the Starting phase and ending phase of IIT-JEE Prep.

    Starting phase is selecting the right books. And well..starting off..

    I have already finished NCERT, HCV, some chapters of different books.

    Now Im jumping into the core study books for IIT-JEE. Could you advice me some books... So far I have decided...

    H C Verma 1 and 2
    I E Irodov (selected questions)
    D C Pandey (slected questions)

    R C Mukerjee (Physical)
    NCERT Books

    Sorry, no idea for Organic...Any advice?

    M L Khanna
    What do you think about TMH, is it all that necessary?

    Should I start with K.C.Sinha and Loney books instead? and then go to TMH...? Which means I wont get time to even touch ML Khanna or start with ML Khanna and finish both Subjective and Objective. And then just start solving Test Papers etc?

    Any more/less books anyone of you might suggest?

    Now to the last stage... Test Series, Mock Test, Previous Year Papers... Etc.

    What is the best way to do this? What Test Series? Previous Year papers are readily available... So thats no issue. But some say FIIT JEE etc is necessary... is it?

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