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document AIEEE Chemistry 2008
Chemistry 2008 36.  At , the vapour pressure of pure liquid ‘A’ is 520 mm. Hg and that of pure liquid ‘B’ is 1000 mm Hg. If a mixture solution of ‘A’ and...
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document AIEEE Physics 2008
Physics 2008 71. A jar is filled with two non-mixing liquids 1 and 2 having densities p1 and p2. respectively. A solid ball, made of a material of density p3 is dropped in the jar. It comes...
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document AIEEE Mathematics 2008
Mathematics 2008 1.  Let p be the statement “x is an irrational number”, q be the statement “y is a transcendental number”, and...
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document AIEEE 2007 Practice Test 2
Instructions 1. All questions are compulsory. 2. Every
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document AIEEE 2007 Practice Test 1
Instructions 1. All questions are compulsory. 2. Every question carries 3 marks. 3. Do not write anything on answer sheet except in the marked area. 4. Every incorrect answer carries...
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