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KnowledgeBin – An Open e-Library for Engineering Entrance Exams in India

Effort, most students would agree, is very significant. Hard work, indeed, has no substitute. But effort without direction is meaningless and it is here that KnowledgeBin comes into the picture. KnowledgeBin aspires to provide direction to the millions of hard working Indian students who aspire to get into good engineering colleges.

Founded as, the first of its kind, An Open e-Library curated by engineering students across India, it now boasts of a huge database catering to all the demands of an aspiring engineering student. It provides the latest developments with respect to various engineering entrance exams and relevant articles which qualitatively analyze the same. Its collection of 1000+ articles, updated on a daily basis, ensures that no corner is left untouched. Also at hand are the quality study materials, ranging from a comprehensive explanation of the topic to numerous tips and tricks, just to give students the leverage of that extra inch. The site also comprises of an online forum where one is free to share e-books, questions and the likes; could post his/her thoughts and queries and get them addressed by experts and students and can seek advice on just about anything related to engineering! All this and much more is available free of cost.

Chase the Dream, Not the Competition – That’s our Motto!

The KnowledgeBin Team

Utkarsh Sengar - eBay, MS - San Jose State University, California, B.Tech - BIT Mesra (2004 - 08) Anwesha Samanta - M.Arch and Design, State University of New York Buffalo, Class of 2012, B.Arch - BIT Mesra (2004-2009) Suyash Prasad - MBA - IIM K , Class of 2011, B.Tech - IIT kharagpur (2005-09) Rahul Pramanick - MBA - IIM B, Class of 2011, B.Tech - BIT Mesra (2004-08) Gagan Tripathi - Analyst, Accenture, B.Tech - Amrita University (2004-2008) Apurva Shikhar - Developer, TCS, B.Tech - Vellore Institute of Technology (2004-08) Suyash Nikhil - Network Analyst for Citigroup, B.Tech - RAIT, Mumbai (2004-08) Hrishikesh Singh - MBA, XLRI - Jamshedpur, Class of 2013, B.Tech - BIT Mesra (2004-08)

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