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document The Do's and Dont's for IITJEE by an IITian 2009
HOW  I GOT SELECTION IN IIT –JEE 2009 A: MY FATAL ERROR   (DON’T REPEAT IT)   1 : Started my studies in the september of class 11. Indeed I was trapped in...
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document Tips by IIT-JEE 2007 Topper - Achin Bansal
In an exclusive interview with 2007 IIT topper, Achin Bansal tells his mantra for success, his recipe for academic acumen, his intellectual trajectory and much more. What are the factors that have...
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document Every IITian has created 100 jobs : A survey
An Indian Institute of Technology survey says every IIT-ian has created 100 jobs and that every rupee spent on an IIT-ian has 'created an economic impact of Rs 50 at the global level, half of which...
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document Tips for succeeding in BITSAT - Tips For You
Tips for succeeding in BITSAT   Keep it simple As you are required to solve 150 questions in 180 minutes, the difficulty of questions is kept low & they are framed so as to be...
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document Top 10 Study Tips For IIT-JEE Prep
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document Step wise approach to crack IIT - JEE --- An Ex-iitians experience
Learn a stepwise, systematic approach rather than running after coachings and tuitions. These things may help you but often you tend to over-rely upon them. That is wrong. I never took any coaching,...
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document 10 golden rules to crack IIT -JEE , AIEEE and other Engineering Examinations
10 simple tips to crack JEE First and most important is to have confidence in yourself.Don’t lose that confidence while preparing for the entrance exams even if you are not doing well...
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document Prepare for IIT - JEE : Some useful suggestions
HOW TO PREPARE FOR IITJEE ? There is no unique way of preparing for the IIT-JEE. What is good for one need not be so for another. Clearing the JEE is a project and as such needs to be planned for...
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document Start your IIT- JEE preparation today
STARTING PREPARATION FOR IIT : The best time to start preparation is at the beginning of 11th class. Students are fresh after the break after boards and a lot more can be learnt. Students...
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document A Complete Guide To IIT - JEE
JEE is an exam which requires a high level of perfection in all respects - particularly in memory, logic, speed, and quantitaive analysis. Such perfection requires constant practice. Here, I would...
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document IIT Director questions the IIT- JEE pattern
Is one of the country's toughest tests, the Joint Entrance Exam for IITs, failing to sift the brightest minds for admission to India's premier engineering institutes? Now, voices from inside the IITs...
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document Tips From IIT JEE 2008 Topper
At 8.30 this morning, Shitikanth, 17, discovered he had topped the All India Joint Entrance Exam for the Indian Institutes of Technology. Since then the celebrations haven't stopped in his Patna...
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document How Can You Crack AIEEE
How can u crack AIEEE Hi everyone. I am abhishek. I cracked AIEEE last year. Now I would like to tell you all how an average student can crack AIEEE if he plans in a proper way. Some rules to...
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document Admission Help: Trends in JEE Counseling From JEE 2003 To JEE 2007
Trends in JEE Counseling By Mr. Dheeraj - I have studied the closing ranks of various programs over the last five years (JEE-2003 through JEE-2007), and noticed some subtle changes in...
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document Admission Help: What To Do After Getting Through IIT JEE
What to do after getting through JEE By Mr Dheeraj - Here I attempt to answer a few frequently asked questions by people who have passed JEE. Please note that these are purely my...
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document Interview Of An AIR 25th Student
  "hi i am narendra . i am presently in IIT mumbai. coming to the point iit jee is a life time achievement probably achieved by exceptional as you think not right. EVEN IF I...
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STRATEGY DURING THE TEST : Read and fully comprehend each question in the question paper Classify each question into categories A,B,C..... A : Question from a topic that is...
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document My Life From 10th To JEE
In 10th class i got 94 percent. I liked Physics and Maths thats why i went for non medical in my 11th class but my parents always wanted me to be a doctor i went aginst their wishes and opted for...
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Their Take On Last AIEEE According to experts the paper was easy and meant for average students. Some of the questions were from the NCERT Books which let the students to be a bit relaxed. Barring a...
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document A Dummies Guide To Crack IITJEE - 4
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