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AIEEE 2009 Physics Last Minute Preparation Tips

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Last minute Physics Preparation Tips for AIEEE aspirants

Physics is the subject where you can score extremely well. In fact, it can prove to be the deciding subject, provided you find the pulse to it. Most of the time, students go about preparing for Physics the wrong way-Physics cannot be cracked by memorizing theoretical concepts or by cramming formulae. The secret to success in Physics lies in understanding the physical phenomena, so that you can decipher the objective of each problem when writing the exam. Equally important is the application of your knowledge of physical phenomena, which requires accurate analytical skills.

In AIEEE, just 35 MCQs are going to decide the fate of your two years of hard work. Try to avoid gathering superficial knowledge. Instead, build on your understanding of the basic principles of the subject. Practice doing calculations for questions mentally, rather than trying to work out the answer mechanically. Here are some tips to help you ace the exam.

Topic-wise Tips

Mechanics requires a through understanding of the basic laws and vector concepts, as all problems are extended applications of these. Pay special attention to Rotational Motion, as it can be tricky.

Electricity & Magnetism (including Current Electricity, Magnetic Effects, Electro-Magnetic Induction, and Alternating Current) can translate into high-scoring topics if you apply the concepts logically. Drawing parallels between electricity and magnetism can help you remember.

Thermodynamics needs rigorous long-term preparation; else, some problems can just leave you guessing. Second Law of Thermodynamics is the nerve of this unit.

Modern Physics is again a very high-scoring domain, provided that you have prepared it well. The Photoelectric Effect and de Broglie’s Hypothesis are the keystones of Modern Physics.

Optics can take you places, provided you know how to properly apply concepts of Wave Optics and Ray Optics. Spend time perfecting your understanding of Dispersion in ray optics and Diffraction in wave optics.

Final Preparation Tips

Go through previously-asked questions in AIEEE. This will give you a clear idea about how the problems are framed and how to crack them.

In the exam, there may be some conceptual questions in which you will never go wrong if you apply simple logic.

In assertion-reason type of questions, it is usually the most basic concepts which explain the assertion. So, getting your basics clear can fetch between scores.

Short-cuts for calculations and for arriving at conclusive equations are very helpful while solving numerical problems.

Advise to all aspirants: Be through in preparations, practice optimum time management, maintain a calm approach while taking the exam.

Source :  HT Horizons

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