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A Dummies Guide To Crack IITJEE - 2

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ALL INDIA TEST SERIES THIS SUNDAY -- "Sorry, I have to study" !!

"So, how much did you score in all india maths open test ? "
"Well... I did not appear in the exam."
"Oh... Ok... WHAAAATTTTTTTTT ????????"
"I said i did not appear in the exam."
"But why ??"
"Well... I have not covered Co-ordinate section yet and the exam was focused on that only. I would have wasted my time there."
"You know what...... YOU ARE NUTS"

This kind of conversation I faced many times when I was preparing for JEE. In those days all india test series were big and I am sure they are even bigger these days. Years back when I was preparing for JEE, I still remember... 7th, 8th and 9th May were the dates of JEE. In the start of february me and my dear  friend Ratnesh decided to finish the whole course work by the end of March, so that we can have atleast one full month to revise and to try anything fancy.
We were studying in a reputated coaching center and we had daily 6 hours of classes but it was the time to take some decisions.

So, first we planned the whole course in such a way that we were able to finish that by the end of March. We created schedules for every week and subsequently divided that on daily basis. And the bottom line was simple, whatever happens (movies, cricket match, masti etc) daily schedule must be covered by the end of the day. Covering a chapter meant -- Theory + Daily problem boards + problem sheet given by coaching + Problems from one study material ( We chose FIIT JEEs GMP ). Of course we prepared formula sheet for each and every chapter for the quick revision. Now the last thing we did was we stopped attending the unnecessary classes ( the chapters we have covered already) and we never appeared in a single test series for those two months ( we collected all the test papers sealed, so that we can try them once we are ready). The idea was "Its time to learn, not to show". And yes, we stopped thinking about others... what they were doing.

Now lot of people will think that we were really nuts. May be, may be not. We had many arguments with our friends. Even I had a big argument with one of my top most teacher in the coaching. Everybody has the same questions, why are we missing test series and classes.

Well.... I give you an example. Its thursday and you are covering Electrostatic portion as per you plan and on sunday there is test series exam of modern physics. Its no harm to appear in test but whats the point. You will spend your saturday to revise modern physics superficially ( which you have to cover later anyways) then you will appear in exam on sunday and of course you will not get marks up to you caliber because you havent coverd this portion in depth. Then you will be depressed because of this. So in this cycle you wasted almost 2 days or more. You could have finished your whole Electrostatic portion in these 2 days. You could have collected the paper and could have tried that out later once you have covered modern physics. That could have told you the real standing of yours. Believe me the ranking you get from test series doesnt matter now because you must focus only on your studies. If anybody is performing better then he will get a rank too but that doesnt matter to you. The thing which matters the most is that you get a rank in IIT JEE.

Now the classes.... well it has a simple answer, if you know how to find the capacitance of a capacitor with moving plates and you are solving the similar problem again and again because you are following many books then I must say that you are wasting your precious time. The same rule applied on the classes. The chapters we had covered, we found 90% of the things repeated all over, and we were not in mood to solve 100% questions in JEE ;)

The bottom line of the whole thing is, time is precious. Next two months will make the biggest impact on you JEE. So dont waste a single minute unnecessarily. Plan your every day intelligently.

By the way, later in march we covered all the test papers we collected during Feb and March and got good marks. And, we both got good ranks in IIT JEE.

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