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A Dummies Guide To Crack IITJEE - 3

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Rock JEE - The Finale


It is TIME!!

I think this is my last post for your friends before this IIT JEE. By now most of you are done with your coursework and revising day and night. I am not gonna talk about revision strategy but in this last post I'd like to share something that can help you to get best output of your preparation.

First thing first, JEE is almost at your doorstep, you have done your part of studies, time has gone... so just don't think about what you did and what you could have done. Till the final day try to keep your calm, dont panic and .. wo kya kahte hain na... just chill.

Chalo, lets mock your JEE today.. you are sitting in the examination hall.. waiting for the copy and question paper. If you are equipped with any cheat sheets just make sure that no one sees that.... got that... DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT. Now I tell you one secret. Have you ever realized whenever you start solving a question paper.. in the first 15 mins you feel nervous and you feel like you gonna screw up badly today and your mind is not working at all. But in next 15-20 minutes you are able to solve problems slowly and then quickly. I felt this many time in my JEE days. Then I got the solution. What happens is... Before you start question paper, you dont think anything at all.... trying to keep yourself calm, and then when you start your mind takes sometime to start thinking quickly. You can avoid wasting these precious 20 mins. As soon as you get the answer book.. on the back of the copy try to solve some arbitrary calculations ( e.g. 1372 / 8797 .. up to 4 decimal places OR 3214 * 7691 * 2178... dont think about you are doing is write or wrong.. just do that without thinking and very very fast), now when you will get the paper your mind would be running like Carl lewis already. Believe me this trick will save your atleast 20 minutes.( If you get copy and paper together.. then try to write in the air.. or somewhere else..... but do that )

Okay.. now you have done these calculations ... your mind is running already.. i believe now you can understand me better. You get the question paper. Now, first remember 3 symbols .... A big "X" (Cross), A big "Right Tick", A big "O" ( Circle ), If you are doing the subjective part ( Numericals) first then its highly recommended that first you read all question carefully before writing anything at all. It will take 10-15 mins but dont think about that.. its worth the effort. Again.... dont rush, you dont have to solve all problems. Now, while reading the questions, all those you think that you cant solve them at all.. put a big cross on them, those you think you can solve but not sure ... put a big circle on them and all those you are very sure about .. leave them without marking.

Now you have read the paper, start solving all those you are very sure about and you have not put any mark. Solve it .. put a big "Right Tick" and move to next. For Objective part.. read the question if you can solve right away, just solve them and put a big "Right Tick" or use "Cross" or "Circle".

Once you have completed the first round, then you can move to all those on which you have put a "Circle", Later if you get time then you can try "Cross" ones. These symbols will make sure that you dont waste a single minute in reading a question twice. It will save your 20 mins again.

Whatever you do in exam, follow my ideas or not but you must first solve all those question you are very sure about. Dont think about the marks they carry. Once you start solving problems correctly, it gives you great confidence. If you do that then in first hour only you'll able to solve 35-40% questions. You'll be an IITian in first hour only. Then you dont have to think about getting in but then you think about good rank. See its extremely simple.

One more thing, when you start to solve a question you must have an idea how much time that question will take. Dont devote too much excess time on that. If a question is taking too much time and not getting anywhere then without thinking you can safely drop that.

With these final words, I say goodbye and I wish I dont talk to you in advisory tone any more but see you in IIT next year. I wish all of you get selected in IIT and next time I dont see you people asking but I see all of you solving problems for next bunch of kids.

Lets do it

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