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Counseling : FAQ’s about NSIT/DCE

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Before really starting I would like to say that last year I had seen some non-Delhi(who cannot give CEE) students who had AIEEE rank of about 5000 not applying to DCE/NSIT because they think that the seats would close early. Its not so, due to fact that DCE is perhaps the last college to hold its counseling so many ppl coming through AIEEE have already taken admission somewhere and they don’t bother about DCE so ppl if your rank is till 9000 also u stand a chance of getting DCE civil. Don’t go with the 1st list where u might be in waiting but the fact is that constant changes are done in the list and about 5 lists come before the final admission.

If u have a rank up to 1500 you stand a chance of getting CS, till 2500 you can get ECE, till 3500-4000 you can get IT, till 5000 you can get NSIT ICE or DCE Mechanical for others I don’t have clear idea but yes DCE Civil last yr had a gut with 7800 rank in AIEEE so you see things are not what they appear.

  • NSIT/DCE v/s IIT

Frankly speaking this question rests to your basic needs if u are satisfied with a good job after 4 yrs of Engineering then take DCE else if you have slight mood of taking up further studies(like MTech or MS not MBA) then take IIT.

1. JEE Rank = 2500

For these people I would advice going to IIT because at this rank you can get at least Civil Engg. and I feel that IIT civil is better than anything at DCE/NSIT, solely due to the fact that DCE course is say a decade old and has not been updated so basically what you are being taught over there has basically little market value (the only reason that DCE ppl get jobs is that they do the essential things on their own).So by doing an obsolete course taught in a non-interesting manner you cannot afford to go for further studies as probably your interest would be killed by then.

2. JEE Rank = 2500

This can be a bit tricky, if u are a IIT freak go there else you are free to come to DCE I won’t suggest anything as it is your take on the case.

Note: If JEE rank = 3300 and CEE = 400 then take DCE no point doing to IIT.

3. JEE rank = 2500 but CEE Rank = 700 or EEE rank = 5000

Now at this stage u can’t get Mechanical at DCE or ICE at NSIT so the only option left is Civil at DCE or Polymer or Biotech and likes so here I would say that take IIT as no pt doing these streams in DCE when you can do the likes in IIT.

4. For Special category of ppl that I call ‘Computer Freaks’

For such ppl above general advice isn’t valid I remember that there was a guy in CS in NSIT who had JEE Rank of 1800 the only reason he came was that he was passionate for CS.


This situation can arise if you have a JEE rank = 3000 in this case I think that you should take up DCE in all circumstances unless there is a situation that you are bound to get Electrical or Mechanical in BHU and u can only get say Biotech types in DCE.

In this DCE has many advantages viz. Once you join DCE due to the course structure you don’t have to study much for the college (at least in 1st yr) so you can utilize your spare time for JEE preparations and who knows maybe the luck turns for the better. Also, if you join DCE with a branch that is not of your interest then you can always CEE the next time even after joining DCE/NSIT but you can’t give JEE again if you take BHU. Also, for Delhi students DCE means proximity to home and access to coaching institutes where you can always join test series which proves to be really helpful in this case.

Also, I believe that environment at DCE would be better than at BHU so why not take DCE.

(This year students can even opt for 6 new IIT’s before going to BHU so chose wisely)

  • NSIT v/s DCE

This is perhaps the trickiest question, actually there is not much difference b/w the two colleges because the course taught in the corresponding streams (that means CS in NSIT and CS in DCE) in the two colleges is exactly the same, the examination papers are the same so in the end I think choice should be yours there is no such significant difference between the colleges.

Although it is believed that NSIT has significantly greater workload than DCE but in my opinion this is not true, one can always find time for himself. But one thing that must be kept in mind is that although NSIT cut off ranks are higher than corresponding ranks in DCE but still NSIT offers a ’school’ type of environment as you are supposed to sit 1 single class all through 4 yrs where teachers come after every hour to teach , this can be a bit monotonous at times but DCE has a cool college environment and also that NSIT has all lectures and no Tutorials(tutorials are the classes held in mass groups where teachers supposedly discuss your doubts and blah blah…..but to students they are a means of completing their short attendance as due to large groups teachers just circulate sheets where you are supposed to write your roll no. so proxy is simple and easy).If you are comfortable with these things then take NSIT as future prospects are better here , I had to tell this because I know ppl at NSIT who are much bothered by the school-like procedure.

Another thing that you might come across if you ask ppl is that NSIT does not have enough hostels so you can’t get hostel in 1st yr if you are a delhi-ite, all these things are over now as new hostel is fully functional now at NSIT so you don’t have to worry about commuting to college daily which was a major reason why some students didn’t take up NSIT.

Last but not the least if you live in some area near Rohini or nearby then there is no point coming to NSIT as I mentioned there is no significant difference b/w the colleges they are equally good.

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