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How to apply for IIT - JEE 2009? (Online/Offline)

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The candidate can apply for JEE-2009 online through the JEE webpage during the period from 8:00 AM (IST) of 19th November 2008 to 5:00 PM (IST) of 24th December 2008.

Candidates should carefully read the instructions before filling up the Application Form given in the Information Brochure. While filling the application form, keep all the information with you as per the check list given below. The mode of payment of fee of Rs. 500/- for SC/ST/PD/Female candidates, and Rs. 1000/- for all other candidates is only true a crossed Demand Draft drawn on a nationalized bank in favor of  "Chairman, JEE, IIT Madras" payable at Chennai.

Please write the name of the candidate and the application number in the reverse side of the demand draft after online submission of application. The candidate is required to take a printout of the filled-up Application Form. On the printed application form, a good quality recent colour photograph should be pasted at the appropriate place and the candidate and his/her parent/guardian should affix their signatures in the boxes provided. Candidates should write their name and application number in the reverse side of the photograph before affixing.

The complete application should be sent to Chairman, JEE, IIT Madras, Chennai - 600 036.

Check List

  • Demand Draft as per the required fee.

  • Printing facility with good quality printer (preferably laser printer) attached to the computer.

  • 10th Class Pass Certificate (or Mark Sheet and Admit Card) to fill correct Name, Date of Birth, Parent/Guardian Name.




  • Please read the Important Notes before and after filling-up the form.

  • Please note down the seven-digit application number for future reference.  Read the instructions carefully before filling the Application Form.  Refer to the sample of a filled-in Application Form given in the Information Brochure. Note especially the right method to darken the bubbles with HB pencil as shown in the Application Form. 

  • First, write in black ink (using capital letters) the required information in the boxes (wherever provided). Then darken the appropriate bubble corresponding to the letter/numeral underneath each box with HB pencil.  What you write in these boxes is only for your guidance and verification that you are darkening the bubble corresponding to the correct letter/numeral.

  • If you wish to change a marking, completely erase the darkened bubble, and then darken the appropriate bubble.

  • Please note that your name, your parent’s/ guardian’s name, and your date of birth should exactly be the same as given in your 10th Class or first Board/Pre-University examination certificate. Any deviation, whenever discovered, may lead to cancellation of your candidature.

  • Your application must be complete in all respects. You should fill all the mandatory fields marked with *. Incomplete applications and applications filled in a language other than English may be summarily rejected.

Item 1. Name of the Candidate (MANDATORY FIELD)

Write your name in capital letters as given in your 10th Class certificate or your first Board/Pre-University Examination.  Write a single letter in each box. Leave one, and only one, blank box between consecutive words of your name. Darken the appropriate bubble underneath each letter of the name. If your name has several initials, leave one blank after each of them. If your name requires more than 34 boxes, darken the bubble marked + in the 35th column of the first row.


Item 2. Category (MANDATORY FIELD)

Fill up the bubble corresponding to your category. The codes for the different categories are given below:





Scheduled Caste


Scheduled Tribe


Other Backward Classes (Creamy Layer)


Other Backward Classes                       (Non-Creamy Layer) 



Item 3. Sub-category (MANDATORY FIELD)

In case you are physically disabled (PD), and the disability is visual impairment, and you need 20% enlarged font question paper, then darken the bubble marked PD(VI). Other PD candidates (including candidates having visual impairment, but not needing 20% enlarged font question paper) darken the bubble marked PD(O). If you belong to the DS category, then fill up the bubble marked DS.

If you belong to PD as well as DS categories, then darken the appropriate bubbles.  If you do not belong to either PD or DS category, then darken the bubble marked NONE.

Item 4. Gender (MANDATORY FIELD)

Darken the appropriate bubble.

Item 5.  Nationality (MANDATORY FIELD)

Darken the appropriate bubbleCandidates holding either PIO (Person of Indian Origin) or OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) cards, should darken the bubble corresponding to ‘FOREIGN’.

Item 6. Question Paper Language (MANDATORY FIELD)

Darken the bubble corresponding to ENGLISH or HINDI, depending on whether you want the Question Papers in ENGLISH or HINDI respectively. This choice, once exercised, cannot be changed at the later stage.

Item 7. Date of Birth (MANDATORY FIELD)

Enter the date, month and year of your birth as per the English calendar and as recorded in your 10th Class or equivalent examination certificate. Use numerals 01 to 31 for DATE, abbreviations JAN, FEB, etc., for MONTH, and the last two digits of the YEAR of birth.  For example, if you were born on March 6, 1990, then the date should be entered as follows: 06 MAR 90. Darken the appropriate bubbles for the date, month, and year in each column.

Item 8. PINCODE of Permanent Place of Residence (MANDATORY FIELD)

Write PINCODE number in the space provided. Darken the bubble corresponding to the appropriate numeral underneath each digit.

Item 9. Choice of Examination Cities (MANDATORY FIELD)

Select two different city codes from the same IIT zone. Your first preference must be entered under Choice-I and the second under Choice-II. Then darken the bubble corresponding to the appropriate numeral in each column.

A city having JEE centre(s), may be discontinued owing to poor response, operational difficulties or any other reason. Candidates may not necessarily be allotted a particular city of their choice.

 Item 10.   Year of Passing 10th Class or Equivalent Examination (MANDATORY FIELD)

Indicate year of passing in the 10th Class or equivalent examination and darken the bubbles corresponding to the appropriate numerals.

Item 11.  Percentage of Marks in 10th Class  or Equivalent Examination

Write the actual percentage of aggregate marks obtained in 10th Class or equivalent examination. Write only the integer part of the percentage of marks. For example, 64.93 or 64.19 should be written as 64. Darken the bubble corresponding to the appropriate numeral underneath each entry. In case the Board provides only grades, then leave the Item blank.

Item 12.  Qualifying Examination (10+2 or Equivalent) (MANDATORY FIELD)

Those candidates  who have passed 10+2 or an equivalent qualifying examination in 2008, satisfying the eligibility criteria, should darken the first bubble. GE/OBC category candidates should have obtained at least 60% marks (55% for SC/ST/PD) in the qualifying examination. Those who are appearing in their 10+2 or equivalent qualifying examination in 2009 should darken the second bubble. Candidates who do not meet either of the above requirements are not eligible to appear in JEE-2009.

Item 13.  Candidate’s Name and Complete Mailing Address (MANDATORY FIELD)

Write your name and the complete postal address to which any communication is to be sent from December 2008 to July 2009. The address must include c/o name (if required) and the PINCODE. You must also give your phone number with STD code and email ID, if available. Please note that this block will be machine scanned, and, therefore, it should be written very clearly in black ink only.  Your address must not overflow this box. If you make any mistake, cover the whole box with an exact-size white paper slip and write your address on it. Your address must not overflow this box.

Item 14. Photograph (MANDATORY FIELD)

Please write your name and application number on the backside of a recent good quality colour photograph (taken not earlier than two months) and paste (do not staple) in the box provided. The photograph should be taken preferably with dark-coloured clothes in a white background. The approximate size of the photograph should be 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm. It is expected that the candidate will have the same appearance at the time of the examination and counselling as in this photograph. In case your appearance changes, you are required to bring two new photographs at the time of examination.  Do not sign on the photograph and do not get it attested. 

Item 15. Signature (MANDATORY FIELD)

Put your usual signature in black ink within the box provided. Your signature must not overflow or touch the border of the box provided. Your signature establishes your identity.  Hence, do not merely write your name in capital letters.  This may lead to rejection of your application.

Item 16. Name of one Parent/Guardian (MANDATORY FIELD)

Write the name of one of your parents or guardian exactly as in your 10th Class or equivalent certificate.  Write the name of your father if no name is given in the 10th Class certificate. Write a single letter in each box. Leave one and only one blank box between consecutive words of the name. Darken the appropriate bubble underneath each letter of the name. If the name has several initials, leave one blank after each of them. If the name of the parent/guardian requires more than 34 boxes, darken the bubble marked + in the 35th column of the first row.

Item 17. Relationship (MANDATORY FIELD)

Indicate your relationship with the parent/guardian named in Item 16 by darkening the appropriate bubble.

Item 18. Board of Qualifying Examination

Darken the appropriate bubble.

Item 19. Attempt at JEE

Darken the appropriate bubble.

Item 20.  Type of Preparation

If you are preparing for JEE-2009 essentially on your own, darken the bubble against SELF-STUDY. Else, darken the OTHER bubble.

Item 21. Counselling

Verification of records, etc., will be done during counselling in respective zonal IITs, from where the candidate received his/her admit card for JEE-2009.  In addition, counselling will also be held at IT-BHU for IIT Roorkee zone candidates only, and at ISMU, Dhanbad, for IIT Kharagpur Zone candidates only. The candidates in IIT Roorkee and IIT Kharagpur zones, who would like to be counselled at these institutions, should darken the appropriate bubble.  All others (including candidates from the IIT Roorkee and IIT Kharagpur zones), who would like to be counselled at the respective IITs, should leave this space blank.

Item 21. Place of Schooling for 10th Class or Equivalent

Darken the appropriate bubble.

Item 23.  PINCODE of Address for  Communication  


Write the PINCODE number in the space provided (it should match exactly that given in Item 13). Darken the bubble corresponding to the appropriate numeral underneath each digit.

Item 24. Cell/Phone Number

Write your phone number (with STD code) or cell phone number, if there is any, on which you can be contacted or a message can be left for you. Darken the bubbles corresponding to the appropriate numerals below the phone/cell number.

Item 25. Mother Tongue

Use the language codes as given below to darken the bubbles corresponding to the appropriate numerals in this item.





































Item 26. Parent’s Educational Background

Darken the appropriate bubble.

Item 27. Parent’s/Guardian’s Occupation

Darken the appropriate bubble.

Item 28. Parent’s/Guardian’s Total Annual Income

Darken the appropriate bubble. The annual income should be as on March 31, 2008. In case both parents are employed, the combined annual income is to be indicated.

Item 29. Declaration by the Candidate (MANDATORY FIELD)

The candidate must sign the declaration. The place and date should also be entered. The two signatures, the one below this declaration and the other in the box below your photograph, should be identical.  Applications without signatures or with different signatures at the two places will be treated as incomplete and rejected. The declaration by  the candidate must be countersigned by Parent/Guardian.  Write the name of Parent/Guardian in the space provided.


Acknowledgement Card

One printed Acknowledgement Card is enclosed with each Application Form.  Write your application number in the space provided.  Also write your name and complete postal address in CAPITAL LETTERS with the PINCODE in the appropriate place.  The institute that receives your completed application will post the Acknowledgement Card on receipt of your application. Do not staple the Acknowledgement Card with the application form. Do not affix any postage stamp.

10th Class or Equivalent Examination Pass Certificates

Enclose with the Application Form a duly attested photocopy of your 10th Class or Equivalent Examination Pass Certificate, where your Date of Birth is mentioned clearly. In case the pass certificate is not available, enclose copies of your admit card and mark sheet of the 10th Class Examination.

Where and How to Send Your Completed Application

Duly completed Application Form should be refolded only along the original fold and inserted in the envelope supplied such that the barcode in the Application Form is visible through the transparent window in the envelope. You should not staple or paste together the Application Form, the attested copy of the 10th Class or Equivalent Examination Pass Certificate, and the Acknowledgement Card.

Please identify the appropriate institute (IIT) carefully to which you should send your completed application.  It should be sent to the IIT located in the zone where you wish to appear for the examination (irrespective of the institute from where you have obtained the Application Form).

For example, if your choices of the cities of examination are Allahabad and Nainital, then you should send your completed Application Form, with the necessary documents, to the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Please note that both of your choices of cities of examination must belong to the same IIT zone.

Please fill up all relevant information on the envelope carefully. The envelope containing the Application Form and the Acknowledgement Card with other documents must be sent by Registered Post/Speed Post only. You are advised not to send your application through ordinary post/private courier services.  You may also submit your completed application in person at the JEE office of the IIT concerned.

You are advised to see the checklist before mailing the application.  The addresses of the IITs can be obtained from here.

The allotment of the institute and the course that may ultimately be offered to you is in no way influenced by your choices of cities of examination and the IIT zone. It depends only on your All India Rank (AIR) and on the choices of courses and institutes exercised by you at the time of counselling.

Deadline for Receipt of the Completed Application Form

The last date for receipt of the completed application at the IITs is 17:00 hours on December 24, 2008. Any application received after this date will not be accepted. Any delay in receiving the application material by the candidate will not be considered as a valid reason for the late submission of the completed application after the deadline.  The institute will not accept responsibility for any postal delay or irregularity or loss during postal transit.

 Proof of Sending the Completed Application

No claim of submission of the application will be entertained unless the Acknowledgement Card supports it. No correspondence with regard to the application, eligibility, and Admit Card will be entertained unless the application number is quoted. If the Acknowledgement Card does not reach you by January 20, 2009, you must check with the JEE Office, where your application was sent to. IVRS/SMS/Telephone numbers/Website addresses of all IITs are given in the Contact Information.



Application Fee for JEE-2009

Cost of application material (both online or paper application form) including examination fee:

  • Rs 500 for SC/ST/PD and female candidates.

  • Rs 1000 for male general and OBC candidates.

  • US$ 100 for candidates appearing in Dubai Centre.

Important Dates


Sale of Application Materials at designated branches of Banks and at all IITs

Nov. 19, 2008 – Dec. 24 ,2008

Postal request for Application Material

Nov. 19, 2008 – Dec. 16, 2008

Submission of on-line applications

Nov. 19, 2008 – Dec. 24, 2008

(from 8:00hrs)    (to 17:00hrs)

Last date for receipt of Completed Application at IITs

Dec. 24, 2008

Application material can be purchased from designated bank branches given below. It can also be obtained by sending a demand draft along with two self-addressed slips, from the “Chairman, JEE”, IIT Bombay, Mumbai-400 076; IIT Delhi, New Delhi-110 016; IIT Guwahati, Guwahati-781 039; IIT Kanpur, Kanpur-208 016; IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur-721 302; IIT Madras, Chennai-600 036; IIT Roorkee, Roorkee-247 667. The demand draft of amount appropriate to category/gender must be drawn on any Nationalized Bank in favour of “Chairman, JEE” of the respective IIT payable at the corresponding city. Candidates applying from abroad should remit the amount in Indian Rupees. Application material will be sent by Ordinary Post.  IITs will not be responsible for any loss or postal delay.



GOA: Panaji (Mathias Plaza), Margoa (Kamath House), Mapusa (Khal Halap Bldg.); GUJARAT: Ahmedabad (Rewdi Bazar, Ashram Road Branch, Bhadra Branch, Naroda Road Branch), Rajkot (Tricon Baug), Surat (Kotsafil Road, Majura Gate Branch, Vadodara (Prof. Manik Rao Road, Vadodara Akota Branch); KARNATAKA: Belgaum (Khade Bazar, Station Road), Dharwad (Market Main, Station Road-Maluaddi); MADHYA PRADESH: Bhopal (Maharana Pratap Nagar, Arera Colony, Indrapuri), Dewas (39, A.B.Road), Indore (M.G. Road, Manoroina Ganj), Jabalpur (Maharshi Karamchand Chowk, Cantonment), Ujjain (Daulat Ganj); MAHARASHTRA: Amaravati (Opp.City Kotwali), Aurangabad (Shahganj, Surana Nagar), Jalgaon (Visanji Nagar), Kolhapur (Laxmipuri, Rajarampuri), Latur (Old Kapad Lane), Mumbai (Andheri (W)-Jayprakash Road, Borivli(W)-S.V.P. Road; Byculla-Hotel Heritage; Dadar (W)-Ranade Road Extension; Fort Market-Shahid Bhagpal Pandiyan House; Ghatkopar(E)-Ratilal B. Mehta Marg; IIT Bombay-Gulmohar Bldg.; Kanjurmarg(W)-Opp. Naval Dockyard Colony; Malad(W)-Laxminarayana Shopping Centre; Sion(W)-Mukund Niwas), Nagpur (Sitabuldi, Itwari Branch, Sadar Bazar Branch), Nanded (Tarasingh Market), Nashik (N.C.Cinema, Jail Road), Navi Mumbai (Opp. Nerul Railway Station, Turbhe Branch), Pune (Sadashiv Peth, Model Colony, Koregoan Park), Solapur (Saraswati Chowk, Chatigali Main), Thane (Naupada); RAJASTHAN: Ajmer (M.G.Marg), Bhilwara (14 A,PWC Road), Bikaner (Phad Bazar), Jaipur (Arvind Marg, Malaviya Nagar, Mirza Ismail Road), Jodhpur (Jalori Gate), Kota (Baran Road), Sri Ganganagar (Shiv Circle), Udaipur (Sethjiki Bari).


DELHI/NEW DELHI: Connaught Place (14/15F), Karol Bagh (Arya Samaj Road), Model Town–2 (B­5), Nehru Place (73/74, Sheetala House), Rajouri Garden (Patel Market), S.D.A. (Opposite IIT Main Gate), Shahdara (Raj Block, G.T. Road), Shalimar Bagh (BQ Commercial Complex); HARYANA: Faridabad (58, Neelam Bata Road), Gurgaon (New Railway Road); HIMACHAL PRADESH: Kangra (Court Main Bazar, Dharamshala Road), Mandi (Hospital Road), Mehatpur (Main Bazar, Dist. Una), Shimla (Bell Villa, The Mall); JAMMU & KASHMIR: Jammu (Raghunath Bazar), Srinagar (Lal Chowk); MADHYA PRADESH : Gwalior (8/85, Sarafa Bazar, Lashkar); UTTAR PRADESH: Agra (Main, Wasan Plaza, Sanjay Palace), Gautam Budh Nagar (Brahmaputra Shopping Complex–Sector-29, Noida), Ghaziabad (15,G.T. Road), Mathura (1872 Tilak Dwar).



ARUNACHAL PRADESH: Itanagar (Papumpara); ASSAM: Biswanath Chariali (Main), Bongaigaon (Main), Dhubri (Main), Dibrugarh (Main), Diphu (Main), Goalpara (Main), Guwahati (Amingaon; Bamunimaidan; Dispur; Panbazar), Jorhat (Main), Kokrajhar (Main), Nagaon (Main), Sivasagar (Central Market), Silchar (Park Road), Tezpur (Near Padum Pukhuri), Tinsukia (AT Road); BIHAR: Barauni (Rajendra Road), Begusarai (Main), Bhagalpur (Beatson Road; Sonapatti), Bihar Sahrif (Main), Hazipur (Main), Katihar (Main), Patna (Anandpuri, West Boring Canal Road; Baily Road; Boring Road; Fraser Road; Maurya Lok Complex; New Market; Kankarbagh, Chandragupta Path; Patliputra Colony; Patna Main, West Gandhi Maidan; Patna Secretariat; Rajendra Nagar; Sri Krishna Puri), Purnea (Main); MANIPUR: Imphal (MG Road); MEGHALAYA: Shillong (Kachari Road), Tura (Main); MIZORAM: Aizwal (Solomon Cave); NAGALAND: Dimapur (Main); WEST BENGAL: Siliguri (Hill Cart Road).


ASSAM: Guwahati (Fancy Bazar); BIHAR: Patna (SP Verma Road, Boring Road).


UTTAR PRADESH: Allahabad (Kutcheri Road; High Court Building), Amethi (Railway Station Road), Azamgarh (Near Collectorate), Ballia (Near Kutcheri), Banda (Kutcheri Compound), Etawah (Shastri Nagar), Faizabad (Civil Lines), Gonda (Malviya Nagar, Near Gandhi Park), Gorakhpur (Bank Road), Hardoi (Station Road), Jhansi (Civil Lines, Near Elite Crossing), Kanpur (The Mall; IIT Kanpur), Lucknow (Moti Mahal Marg; Ashok Marg), Raebareli (Super Market), Sitapur (Eye Hospital Road), Sultanpur (Near Bus Stand); UTTARAKHAND: Almora (The Mall), Haldwani (Nainital Road), Nainital (The Mall), Pantnagar (University Campus).


ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS: Port Blair (5, Middle Point); BIHAR: Bettiah (Supriya Road), Darbhanga (Govindlal Jajodia Path), Gaya (North Church Road), Muzaffarpur (Club Road Kalyani); CHHATTISGARH: Bhillai (Supela Chowk), Bilaspur (Rama Trade Centre), Raipur (Jeevan Bima Marg); JHARKHAND: Bokaro (15 D/1 Western Avenue), Dhanbad (Bank More), Hazaribagh (Opp. Civil Court), Jamshedpur (Voltas House), Ramgarh  Narayani Complex), Ranchi (Near Albert Ekka Chowk), Sakchi (Satabdi Tower, New Planning Area); ORISSA: Angul (Shreeram Market Complex), Balasore (Near Police Lines Square), Berhampur (Near Sales Tax Square), Bhubaneswar (Archbishop's House, Satyanagar; Chandrasekharpur, District Centre; Kalpana Square), Cuttack (Badambadi), Rourkela (Mangal Kunj Kachery Road), Sambalpur (Ashoka Talkies Road); SIKKIM: Gangtok (MG Road); TRIPURA: Agartala (HG Basak Road); WEST BENGAL: Asansol (Apurba Complex), Baharampur (3/20 KK Banerjee Road), Bankura (Nutan Chati), Barasat (Nabapally, Sangam Market), Barrackpore (Near Champa Cinema Hall), Burdwan (37, GT Road), Chandernagore (Burrabazar Main Road), Durgapur (Sahid Khudiram Sarani), Howrah (Salkia), Kalyani (B-9/276, CA), Kharagpur (Malancha Road), Kolkata (Airport Branch, Behala, CIT Road, Dalhousie, Electronic Complex, Garia, Golpark, Kankurgachi, Kolkata Main, Laketown, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Rash Behari Avenue, Salt Lake, Shyambazar), Malda (1 KJ Sanyal Road), Midnapore (Station Road),  Puruliya (Ranchi Road).


ANDHRA PRADESH: Cuddapah (Sankarapuram), Guntur (Hindu College), Hyderabad (Abid Road; Dilsukh Nagar; Amirpet), Kakinada (Jawahar Street), Nellore (Jonnagaddavari Street), Secunderabad (M.G.Road), Tirupathi (Biragipatteda), Vijayawada (Sivalayam Street), Visakhapatnam (Main Branch, opp. Chitralaya Talkies), Warangal (Station Road); KARNATAKA: Bangalore (Cunningham Road; Malleswaram), Bellary (K.C. Road), Davanagere (K.R.Road), Gulburga (Super Market Complex), Mangalore (Narasimha Prasad), Mysore (New Statue Square); KERALA: Cannanore (Camp Bardez), Kochi (Mattancherry), Kozhikode (Cherrootty Road), Thiruvananthapuram (M.G.Road), Trissoor (Rame Raj Building Round); Puducherry (Jawaharlal Nehru Street); TAMILNADU: Chennai (Anna Nagar East; Habibullah Road; IIT Madras; Thambu Chetty Street), Coimbatore (Oppanakkara Street), Madurai (West Perumal Maistry Street), Salem (Alagapuram), Tirunelveli (Bye-pass Road), Trichy (Nandi Koil Street), Vellore (Town Hall Road).


CHANDIGARH: (Sector-17C, Sector 37D); HARYANA: Ambala (Tandura Bazar, Ambala City), Hissar (Model Town), Kurukshetra (Railway Road, Thanesar), Panipat (G.T. Road), Rohtak (Jhajjar Road), and Yamuna Nagar (Saharanpur Road); PUNJAB: Amritsar (Lawrence Road), Bhatinda (Bank Street), Jalandhar (Civil Lines), Ludhiana (Civil Lines), Pathankot (Railway Road) and Patiala (The Mall); UTTARAKHAND: Dehradun (Astley Hall), Hardwar (Ahmedpur), Roorkee (IIT Campus), Srinagar, Garhwal (Main Branch) and Uttarkashi (Main Branch); UTTAR PRADESH: Bareilly (Shyam Ganj), Bijnor (Main Branch), Meerut (Eastern Kutchehri Road), Moradabad (Civil Lines), Muzaffarnagar (Gaushala Nai Mandi, South Bhopa Road), Saharanpur (Shaheed Ganj) and Varanasi (Nichi Bagh).



There will be a centre at Dubai, UAE, for second consecutive year in 2009. The cost of application forms for candidates appearing from Dubai centre will be US$ 100 irrespective of gender/ category. This year the Dubai centre will be governed by IITB. It is preferable that candidates who wish to apply from Dubai centre opt and apply for on-line registration at the URL, ( However, a limited number of paper Application Forms for JEE-2009 are available at Indian High School, P.O.Box 106, Dubai, UAE.

Examination Schedule:


April 12, 2009 (Sunday)

Paper- 1:    07.30 – 10.30 AM  (Dubai local time)


Paper- 2 :   12.30 – 03.30 PM (Dubai local time)


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