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IITJEE 2008 Cutoff, Analysis & Expected Rank

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The IIT-JEE 2008 paper was held on on 13th April 2008. We have gone over both the paper and after analyzing them we have come to the conclusion that JEE this year was difficult than last year. The questions were trickier and hence paper was lengthier. So although cutoffs will dip this year don’t expect them to dip too much. You can check the solutions to IIT JEE 2008.

In 2007, The overall cutoff was 206 marks. The subject cutoffs were 1,2 and 4 which really don’t count much.

The branch wise opening and closing ranks for each branch in every IIT for IIT JEE 2007 can be found on IIT Website Here.

Expected IIT JEE 2008 cutoff for admission: 185-190 marks

Expected IIT JEE 2008 cutoff for last rank : About 175 marks (7200 rank)

Expected IIT JEE 2008 Extended Merit List Cutoff : 150 marks

Category Aggregate cutoff No. of Candidates Qualified
OBC 172.0 1134
PD 154.8 20
SC 103.2 690
ST 103.2 159
Aggregate Total and subject-wise marks for the first and last admitted candidates
Category AIR Maths Marks Physcis Marks Chem Marks Total Marks
First Candidate Admitted
GE Category
1 159 142 132 433
Last Candidate Admitted
GE Category
6773 63 72 45 180
First Candidate Admitted
OBC Category
4 117 136 94 347
Last Candidate Admitted
OBC Category
1133 108 25 40 173
First Candidate Admitted
SC Category
1 113 102 107 322
Last Candidate Admitted
SC Category
689 38 8 58 104
First Candidate Admitted
ST Category
1 79 128 85 292
Last Candidate Admitted
ST Category
159 36 12 56 104

Subject cutoffs are expected to be about at maximum of 20 marks

This is because to clear a subject cutoff you need to be in to 20% of the total marks scored by all the students in that subject. So this will lead to very low subject cutoffs and most of you will be able to clear that.

General Observations :

  • Maths was the toughest subject followed by physics and chemistry.
  • Paper 2 was harder than Paper 1.

Alright, let me first tell you previous year ie. IIT JEE 2007 ranks based on marks :

Below is the expected rank list based on marks scored in IIT JEE 2008.

Please note that this is just to give you a rough idea and the author does not take any legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information herein.

I do not know about the SC/ST/PD category cutoffs and I guess they are not released officially by IITs also. So I would refrain from giving you any false information.

About the OBC category, as the quota has been introduced this year itself, it is impossible to predict their ranks. But from some information I got, I think the OBC candidates need to score atleast 10% lower than the general category cutoff to be eligible for the quota.So if general cutoff is 185 marks ie. 38% of total marks then they need to score atleast 38%-(10% of 38%)=34.2% = 166 marks to be able to qualify for OBC quota. Then they would be ranked and cutoffs would be decided. Please verify this information from other sources too as I am not sure about this.

Below is the list of branch wise closing ranks for IIT JEE 2007 :

source :

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