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IIT JEE 2010 Aspirants - Study Plan

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May 2008 to December 2008 must be used to complete the entire syllabus of 11th class. That will give you time to revise you XI material during January-April 2008. Start XII material immediately after board examinations in 2009


When to start


According to my thinking, the decision to appear for JEE must be taken and preparation started right from the day, the X class examinations are over. The attitude must be to remember the materials learned in the X class. A revision of the X material after the examination will lay the firm foundation for JEE preparation and help you to comprehend the material much better.

May 2008 to December 2008 must be used to complete the entire syllabus of 11th class. Read the lessons in your XI class text and simultaneously read the material in JEE level texts that you buy. Approximately 3 lessons of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (one each) must be completed every 10 days. That way you can read 9 lessons a month. In eight months you can complete 72 lessons. As the books are written you may not have 24 chapters in every subject. But some chapters are very big and you can practically treat them as two chapters and schedule them accordingly.

That will give you time to revise you XI material during January-April 2008. This will give you good amount of time to concentrate on Board examinations and other subjects in the course. You have to score well in board examinations also. Remember that .The correlation is very high between board performance and JEE performance. Don’t neglect board material.

I recommend a three hour examination every two weeks with cumulative syllabus in the first year. Every alternate week, a one and half examination could be there in one lesson each of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Prepare and write the examination conducted by your coaching institute enthusiastically. Your positive attitude right from the day one will help you immensely. Cooperate with your teachers. They know the material, examination pattern a lot and scheduling of learning sessions.

Even people taking postal coaching should follow this pattern. They should request their parents to organize the test for them every week. By requesting parents, one will put a monitor to himself to adhere to a time table.

How many hours one has to study: A general prescription is 10 hours a day. One can make an individual judgment with the overall constraint that you have to reach a level of having the ability to write an examination in the material that you have studied. You have to study 9 lessons every month. You divide the time in the ratio of 2:1 for Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics and other subjects. They are also important for overall knowledge.

Preparing a revision notes as you study is important because that will reduce the time spent by you in revising earlier lessons later on. I prepared number of revision material blogs to provide you a starting point and you can modify them according to your preference and importance attached to a point.

What are the recommended books?

I like H.C. Verma for Physics

Dr. Jauhar and NCERT for Chemistry

R.K. Mukherjee is good for additional problems


For Mathematics, R D Sharma is good.


The above books are JEE levels books and I recommend you give full attention to your board books during the classes and learn additional issues from JEE level books.

 - Mr KVSSN Rao


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