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My Life From 10th To JEE

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In 10th class i got 94 percent. I liked Physics and Maths thats why i went for non medical in my 11th
class but my parents always wanted me to be a doctor i went aginst their wishes and opted for non
medical.I had heard from people that cracking jee was a very tough job so i took it up as a challenge
and decided go give it a shot.

Pie people had come to our school in 10th class for a mock test ,they had
delivered a lecture after the test this was the reascon that i chose to join pie for my iit jee prepration . I
had no idea about other coaching institutes i didnt wanted to go to delhi for coaching because of time
constrains .I those i used to study hard .i used to often visit my school.It used to be a recreation
activity for me.They used to call me for the practicals .I had correspondence course from brilliant
.People used ot say that pie was not good but i think the other way .I never paid any attention for
board exams prepration .

I always used to get good percintile and AIR in BMAT (BRILLIANT MOCK ALL INDIA TESTS) .I never got below 96 percentile in mains of BMAT but in screening of BMAT i used ot get compertively lower percnetile and i used to fluctuate between 80 to 90.My 12th class score was 79 percent down from what i had got in 10th class.Luckily i had cleared IIT JEE screening and my all india ranking was 5145 .I was damn sure that i will clear mains ,so after screening i decided not to preprare for any other exam other than iitjee mains . i just went for the sake of appearing in AIEEE because it had invested 600 Rs . Then came the D day , IITJEE .The first test was of math , I failed to attempt the questions of my favourite topics complex number and finding area  i had never made any mistakes in these topics before during the mock tests . I solved those two questions as soon as i came out of the examination hall .But even then iwas confindent that i would clear th math cutoff because last time the cut off for math was 8 marks and i was damn sure that i would get more then 8. The next paper was chemistry .. this paper was fine as i expected . The next was Physics and i came out with flying colors . The only worry was that i would get not so good rank becaus eof bluder i made in math paper . That 8 marks would have made huge difference to my rank.That kept me worrying all the time.My BITS pilani paper was just after JEE exam .I messed up the english paper.And my score was 291 .I had no idea that how was my score because that was the first time that BITS was having their seperate exam.

Now it was the time for results and the first one to
knock my door was aieee . I had made up my mind that i would not go to any of aiee college .My only
aim was IIT or BITS Pilani .My AIEEE rank was 12169 . My AIEEE rank never mattered to me ,
becaus of my mind setup . I waited for my iitjee result .And finally the day came ...... I was confident
atleast i would be having a rank. I went to the cafe to see my result and i was alone my heart was
beating fast . I enetered my roll number and i closed my eyes ..... and when i opened my eyes i saw
something i was not expecting .It was written in BOLD LETTERS “ CANDIDATE NOT
QUALIFIED “ I immediately made up my mind to drop one year .My parents were not happy with me
as i had nothing in my hands at that time.I had failed in all aspects aieee, board exams , iitjee. I said to
myslef that i would work harder and prove that my decision was not wrong .I then decided that i
would go for the best coaching institute and i appeared for Vidyamandir test and i got through
it.Vidyamandir is a brilliant place to be in as far as iit jee prepration is considered . Mean while i came
to know that i owuld have got electrical in NIT KRUKSHETRA and many other courses in BITS and
my friends crticized me for not joining the institutes . In october IIT decided to scrap mains exam , i
had never practised objective questions and my main strength was subjective paper .This tensed me
but thanx to VIDYAMANDIR i never lost my confidence but still there was a bitter corner for
objective paper in my mind . Now came the D day beofre that i was not able to sleep.I dint sleep even
for 1 minute and i got tensed that would be feeling sleepy in the examination .So i had two glasses of
coffee mind it they were not cup .....they were 2 full glasses of coffee .Then i went to the centre , i
wrote the exam .Whn i eneterd the centre my head started aching which never happened before .
Again i made silly mistakes in the first paper like last time but thsi time it was physics then i realized
that history will repeat itself and i gave the next two papers without much interest .later also i gave
aiee and bits pilani without any interest . this time i had got 275 in BITSAT .then came the aieee resut
. In which i secured AIR 9095 and then came the iit jee resut in whcih i secured 5045 rank almost
same as last years screening rank .then i went for IIT JEE counselling and filled up the form and i fild
up al he good branches thinking that god will come to rescue and will get me something out of those.
And i didnt get anythign out of them and i hadnt filled other branches so called bad branches in
iit .i could have got those . then went for aieee councelling. i had filled up DCE , Warangal , Surtkhal
and my third choice was NIT KURUKSHETRA .I got MECHANICAL in NIT KURUKSHETRA in
my first councelling .I was not happy with what i had got , as i never imagined i would finally end up
in kurukshetra . Later i got slided to IT ie Information Technology .i had no kowledge about various
branches and i took this decsion purely on the basis of reputation of various branches in other
colleges .

I would advice students not to stress themselves for prepraring for various competitve exams in 11th
and 12th because i feel cool mind works wonders .

For non medical streams engineering is not the only
option because i think studying pure sciences BSC etc are equally good and they have ther own
importance .After coming to engineering i realized my real interests are not in engineering subjects
but in physics and maths so i feel that studying pure sciences would have been better options for me .

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