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Strategies of problem solving, objective type questions and others for IITJEE, MUST HAVE!!

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Any good IIT-JEE like problem , when analysed contains basically of three parts
                                  1. Catchwords
                                  2. Guessing simple Concept
                                  3. Links
One good problem is linked with many simple concepts .This mix gives us is, an tricky looking  question.Your first effort should be, to  read(mark the catchwords) and somehow break the question so that you can identify(better word would be 'guess') the simple concepts involved .For identifying simple concepts, one must resort to drawing small diagrams of the problems and then a careful thought procedure should follow.Once you have identified the simpler concepts involved in it, then  goto stage number two that is linking the concepts.Now this linking stage is where your earlier efforts and mental level come to the fore, in this area of linking no one can help you
except, you, yourself.In linking you use result of one portion and apply it to solve another.We will illustrate all these stages with an example:
IRODOV 1.241A uniform disc of radius R=20cm has a round cut as shown in the figure .The mass of the remaining portion of the disc equals m = 7.3kg.Find the moment of inertia of such a disc relative to the axis passing through its centre  of inertia and perpendicular to the plane of the disc.
JEE APPROACH: Remember , our aim is to show you method of attacking   a problem by the above analysis  , hence we will give an essay type description.
1.identifying catchwords:----
                         1.1.   'uniform disc' , 'round cut','passing through centre of inertia'....
2.guessing simple concepts:----
                         2.1. ' uniform disc '=> AREA proportional to MASS
                         2.2. 'round cut'=> area removed=> proportional mass removed..leads to depletion of Moment of inertia.....also center of gravity of remaining disc will not be the at the same position as of full disc.
                         2.3. ' passing through the centre of inertia'=>maybe parallel axis theorem ....!!!!???
 3.linking and solving the problem:----
                        Remember ,practice makes you a 'better linker'.What you get by solving good number of problem is EXPOSURE which makes you a better linker.Back to the problem...
                        Taking clue from 2.1, suppose you had the full disc , if we remove the portion then the area removed is pi*(R/2)^2 => mass removed
=>(M/(pi*R^2))*pi*(R/2)^2=M/4.Mass of remaining portion is,m = M-M/4=3M/4
                         Taking clue from 2.2, we have removed a disc of radius R/2 from the orignal disc , so if we remove contribution to moment of inertia of that disc from full disc we will get the moment of inertia of the remaining
                         Next we  try to find the center of gravity(CG) of the remaining portion .The CG of small  disc is at the center of the small disc and  that of full disc is at the center of full disc(our origin)....full disc=small disc + remaining portion!!! .So CG of small disc*its mass + CG of remaining portion*its mass = CG of full disc*total mass(equalising the mass moments) gives: (R/2)*(M/4) + (3M/4)*Xcm=M*0    => Xcm= - R/6
               Taking clue from 2.3,  moment of inertia(MI) of removed disc about ITS OWN CENTER  is [(M/4)*(R/2)^2]/2 , and about the CG of  remaining portion is [(M/4)*(R/2)^2]/2 +[(M/4)*(R/2 -Xcm)^2](parallel axis thm) =41(MR^2)/288
                MI of full disc about CG of remaining disc is [M*R^2]/2 + [M*(0 -Xcm)^2]=19(MR^2)/36
            =>  MI of remainig disc = MI of full disc - MI of removed(small) disc=37(MR^2)/96=37(mR^2)/72 Ans.
 try to see the' linking' carefully ,see how results of 2.1 is used in 2.2 and then in 2.3 to arrive at the solution.
In future , try to proceed by the above procedure and you will be able to win over lots of problem !!!!
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
If you know these points then it will improve your performance
  • If there is no negative marking then you should first try to do as many problems as you can ,use wise guesses ,wherever possible .For blind guesses fix a particular option can choose (b) as your choice ,but then mark (b) for all of your blind guesses (those good in probability might have understood the reason for that).
  • In Physics , Chemistry and Maths , identify beforhand the portion you are good at and then in the paper search those objective problem which belong to your area of strength.There is no reason ,why in a paper of say 100 question you should start with question number 1 and then move step wise to hundred , try to find the questions you can do and crack them.
  • The method we suggest is that ,start with looking at question paper .Generally the questions from related topics are flocked together in a group, identify your group and give it a try first.BUT dont waste time looking for that type of group if you can find them quickly.
  • During your exam ,do keep in mind that JEE is not like your board exams here you are  not expected to score too high , so dont challenge yourself into solving whole of the paper secularily, do those sections which you are good at .There are few trap questions which are basically made to be left .The game is to 'search the right question' and then 'solve',but most of us  simply 'solve' without 'searching the right question'.So ,do include the searching the right question.
  • Also do keep reminding yourself that obvious looking answers are generally not right.
  • "Second Round Efect"--When you revisit a question , which you could not solve in your earlier efforts , you are able to solve it.The reason for this is  that when you solve other questions in the first round , lots of other concept gets and your brain is in fighting backspirit (due to the success over other questions) also as time passes you get a liitle relaxed hence your brain is able to operate with more efficiency.So if during the exam if you are not able to solve a particular question in one go then please dont get bogged down by it, have faith on our "second round effort" and you will see the miracles yourself.
  • Make some identification mark on the questions , which you want to give a second try.I used to make '*' on them.
  • Many a times ,but not always, 'none of these' and 'all of these' option is correct.
  • In the paper where there is a mix of multiple choice and single choice question, you should go in for doing single choice first.
  • It is utmost important to have a high correct strike rate, because MCQ consumes more time and effort so by making a single wrong choice you will lose whole of the question and time , never rush in MCQ's even if some MCQ are left untried(BUT NOT UNSEEN) .The policy for MCQ should be "DO LESS BUT ACCURATELY".
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Bottom of Form
         It is not the  famous "hall effect" of physics that we are going to talk about.We are going to talk about how the examination day itself effects you examination performance.So you are thinking ,"what the hell examination hall has to do with our JEE exams?",well then to answer you , it can make you spoil your paper or it can help to accelerate your efficiency and hence your performance.
        Last few weeks and ofcourse the examination day and the night before has a determining effect on your JEE performance.This analysis focusses upon various factors that effect your performance on the examination day.Read the given description carefully ,it contains 7 blunders which one commits on the examination day, try to spot them.
       Its the day of your exam you wake up in the morning and reach for your notes to revise a few points quickly.There is lot of activity seen at your home , your parents are looking as much corncerned as you .You can very well hear your heart beating and you are in a very serious and nononsense mood.Your are keeping a note of your examination time .Now you are ready and your mother comes and puts a 'teekaa' on your forehead , she says "son this is a very decisive day of your life may god help you", your touch the feet of your parents......"Now my brave soldier you are ready for the fight" the situation implies.
       You pick up your conveyance and start to move towards the examination hall.In the way you are worried about your performance ,"How will the paper be?","Will i be able to solve adequate problems","i could have studied more..","Its THE EXAM of my life...what if i am not able to do up to the mark?"..all these are coming to your mind.
     Finally , from a distance you are able to see your "battle field", you can see the board of the examination centre "BNSD Vidya Niketan", your pulse rate accelerates.Outside the centre you see lots of parent and aspirants moving here and there(total brownian motion!!),some are moving inside , some coming out , some touching the feet of there parents and parents wishing them best of luck.Everybody has his own "Astra" in there hands.There is this guy in blue jeans , he is sitting and  looking at his notes ,you are inspired and you also start thinking about looking at few formulas.Meanwhile you see Rajesh , who is there in your coaching , you start to talk with him.
      There are lots of guys ,crowding that area.You go there and find that room allocation is displayed , your room number is 7A.You enter the room, there are few guys in the room.You search for your seat and then do a quick inspections of it to see whether everything is fine or not.Now you sit down and try to make yourself comfortable.
      After a while two serious looking invigilators come into the room , one is holding answersheets and other is holding a brown packet that contains your question paper.Your heartbeat again increased due to the realization that the papers have finally arrived.You stare at the packet , wondering what type of paper might be inside?.You are given the answer sheet with the instruction to write your name on it.
     Finally , you hear the grand bell ring, with every ring you get a very strange feeling in your heart and stomach.Invigilator starts to distribute the paper and you are waiting for your turn to get it.You strart attempting the paper.You looked at the seat where Swami(an intelligent boy of your coaching) is sitting , you saw that he has already started attempting the paper while you are just trying to find out which question to solve.Now you have finally started attempting the paper.Time passes and finally ends.
     After submitting your paper you rush quickly for your pencil box and writing board.You have next paper after a break of 1.5 hours.As you move out of the room you see a lot of commotion.You see guys discussing about the paper, you overhear there talks..."yaar paper was easy compared to last year ....cutoff will be a little higher" , "hey what was the correct answer of that Uranium 238 problem...i think it was option c..what  do you say","most of the questions in maths came from XYZ's book"etc. etc..You are also very anxious to know how Swami and Rajesh performed in the paper so you go and discuss the paper.
   After discussing the paper for about fifteen minutes you come back and have some snacks while you plan to revise a few points for the paper after an hour.You revised till it was time for your next paper.You proceed towards your exam room once again.....
   We gave this long discription to bring you closer to the feelings and activities of your examination day.There are seven blunders committed by "you" in the above given on the button below to see those regions.
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
     The first center from where you start getting pressure is your own family.Dont let the pressure of expectation from your people, build upon you .If you will be treated as a brave soldier going for his fight then there will be a lots of pressure upon you.Ask your parents (while fully caring for there but natural feelings) not to make you feel as if you are going some very big event because that makes you conscious and puts a lots of pressure on you , since they have love and care for you they will surely understand it.Also ask them clearly , not to ask you "how are your papers going?","How did you perform" etc. till all the papers are finished.
         Dont bother yourself with things that you can not control ,like,"How will the paper be?","Will i be able to solve the problems?".Remember , you dont have infinite source of energy ,lets say you have 100 units of useful mental energy on the day of your examination ,now if you worry about things you have the least control you loose say 20 units so you have just 80 units left for the paper .The other guy with same mental capacity as you and who stays away from these useless thinking will have 100 units for his paper , dont you think he will perform better.
             The third centre of pressure is when you reach the examination centre .You should try not to observe other people too much,try not to talk to your friends,sounds uncourteous!, but still dont talk.The reason for this is that at that time you are in a "unstable state" ,even a little "perturbation" can cost your performance,so policy of isolation is best for you.
              The fourth time  where you get useless pressure is on the arrival of the invigilators   .Dont look at them or the there activities.Close you eyes and relax.We advice you to rehearse all these events much before the exam day ,in your mind ,that will help in making you feel easy on the exam day.
         Once paper is given to you,you should concentrate on the paper.Dont try to look what others are doing bacause 99% of times you will harm yourself by looking here and there.
          We can bet anything on this !!.You will find at least one guy if not many , who will claim that "paper was easy...cutoff will be high" or "xyz question came ditto from pqr's book","i could solve only 70 out of 90 ,will it be sufficient".Actually most of the guys who say these types of thing have low confidence on there performance and hence to get a momentary "high" by speaking these type of thing , they are only attraction gatherers.Since you dont know this dirty game of these imposters you start to believe them and put yourself on pressure once again.If there is a paper to follow you performance will surely depreciate.
          If you get break between two papers you should not waste it by discussing the previous paper , you should take time out to rest for a while.

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